Saturday, August 10, 2013

Princess of China, Part 2

The overnight train left at around 8pm on Wednesday and got in at 7am the next morning. It was a smooth ride and I was asleep for 8 of the 11 hour trip. We spent all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Beijing. And it was a lot of fun!

 The train tracks outside of my window. 

 This is my bed. I could've watched TV if I weren't so dog-gone tired from the packed day the day before.

 Hello, Beijing!

 Oh, poorly translated English. This made me smile.

 The daytime view from our hotel. I took the morning off from travels while the rest of the group went to Tianenmen Square and the Forbidden City. I would've loved to have gone, but I really needed to take a break if I wanted to enjoy the rest of the trip.

 I joined them for lunch at a place that was similar to the Melting Pot, except the water wasn't really broth, just water. So it was all kind of bland. Not my favorite meal, but it sure looked pretty!

 We stopped by a silk market and learned how silk was made. Needless to say, it's kind of a disgusting process, but the product is pretty!

 The Summer Palace! 

 Really pretty wooden walkways surrounding the lake of the summer palace.

A gazebo at the summer palace.
 An intricate gate at the summer palace.

Ryan at the summer palace.

 Pretty sweet dragon head on the boat that took us on the lake of the summer palace.

 A pretty neat bridge at the summer palace.

 That night, we had PEKING DUCK! And it was incredible. Probably my favorite food of the entire trip.

 The other dishes with the Peking Duck. It was all so good!

 The "History of Kung Fu" show we saw after eating dinner.

 View from the hotel room at night.

 We went to a jade market and what you see from right to left is the process of making a Happy Family Ball (there are 3 spheres within the ball, all moving around).

 The Great Wall entrance!

 The market outside of the Great Wall. They were even more pestering than the salespeople in the city markets.

 Taking a cable car up to the actual wall!

 We're so excited!

 He's very excited to see the wall, I promise.

On the way up, we saw the alpine slide we were to ride the way down. EEP!

 The incredible misty view from the great wall. I couldn't get enough of the beauty!

 Along the wall were these guard towers. 

 The hike was grueling, there were lots of small stairs and even more tall stairs. Thankfully it was 75 degrees and misty. Very great weather for hiking!

 Mid-hike and not quite exhausted.

 Gosh, those mountains!

The wall just goes off in the distance. We only hiked a portion of it.

 Artsy picture through a hole in the wall.

Steep stairs!

Ryan peeking over the wall.

Hello, Ryan.

 Hiking back down. These stairs were REALLY tall and my legs were too shaky to go down them normally. I half climbed and half crawled down.

Crooked stairs.

 These worms were so cool!

 Walking along the Great Wall.

 Money shot!

 The breeze coming in from the gaps in the wall were glorious. Especially after hiking all that way!

 The slide!

 It's poor quality, but we went to an acrobat show that night. 

 They did the motorcycle in the cage trick, but with 7 MOTORCYCLES! HOLY CRAP!


 All of the signs in China/Japan were adorable.

 On our rickshaw around Hutong, an ancient part of Beijing.

 Our rickshaw driver. He was very nice!


A pretty store front in Hutong.

Some fun artwork on the store front.

 A lovely shaded street of Hutong.

 We hiked to the top of a hill at a park and got to see the rooftops of the Forbidden City.

 At the Temple of Heaven, there were lots of dancers and Tai Chi groups. It was a giant Sunday morning party!

It was hot at the Temple of Heaven.

 The Temple of Heaven!

 The next morning we caught our flight home, which consisted of flying from Beijing to Osaka to LA and then finally to Salt Lake City. It was a looooooooong day but at least I got to see "The Help" and catch up on my sleep. I want to go back SO BADLY and am glad I had the chance to see all of these amazing sights!

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Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Wow! The Great Wall is magnificent. That slide must have been crazy - was it scary? The Peking duck meal looked delicious. Beautiful photos - bravo