Saturday, August 10, 2013

Princess in China, part 1

I left off on Tuesday, June 18 and the day we spent touring Kyoto/Nara. Delicious tonkatsu was eaten that night and I slept very well. We woke up and prepared for a full day of traveling: first our flight from the Osaka airport to Beijing. Then we had a guide take us from our landing gate and helped us navigate the chaotic Beijing airport to get to our connecting flight to Xi'an. Let me tell you, it was CRAZY. Had our flight been any more delayed getting out of Osaka, we would've missed the flight, it was THAT TIGHT. Security was rough (they freaked out because I didn't take out all my lenses from my camera bag and made me take everything out just to be sure) and the flight made me motion-sick. But we eventually landed and drove from the Xi'an airport right to the dinner theater we were to experience that night. The pictures will take over from here...

This was the second course of the lovely authentic Tang Dynasty meal we got that night. In this dish was a mushroom soup that, to me, smelled like wet dog. So despite the gorgeous display, I didn't enjoy this part of the meal.

The napkins were pretty!

This was a kind of teriyaki chicken with almonds and an interesting cooked dish you could eat. And a salad on the side.

On the menu, this was called "orange surprise". It was basically frog-eye salad with orange and pinapple bits. SO GOOD!

The performance before the show. Really lovely music and singing.

The first act of the performance! Very vibrant!

These musicians were incredible. And incredibly serious.

The dancing was also a lot of fun.
This dulcimer-tyle thing was so neat!

During the show, this guy with the pan pipe came out and was supposed to be imitating an oriole. And it was supremely annoying because he would get REALLY shrill and it hurt my ears. But it was impressive.

We spent Thursday morning taking a bike ride around the wall of Xi'an. It completely surrounds the inner city.
I can't remember the purpose of these buildings, but they were along the wall surrounding Xi'an. Really spectacular to see up close.

These lanterns were also along the wall. 

A photo taken from the Xi'an wall of a market-type area.

Ryan riding his bike like a dork (he was posing for my picture).

Ryan is riding seriously this time.

The wall was 9-miles around, so a lot of the time it looked never ending. It was also immensely smoggy.

I don't know what this building was (maybe the train station?) but it was really cool to see.

A lot of the ancient buildings had gold roofs like this. Pretty neat!

Me with my bike!

We went to a terra cotta warrior factory where they create and sell replicas of the warriors in all different sizes. This was one of the ovens they used to cook the terra cotta once the warrior was molded.

Here are two of the miniature warriors after being cooked.

Hey look, ma, I'm a warrior!

Ryan doesn't take war seriously. Look at the general (the one with the two buns on the right) looking upon him with disdain.

At the factory, there is an option to put your face on a warrior. Here are some of the finished faces of various caucasian people turned warrior.

At the factory, they also made ceramic things, like this derp horse.

And this lion. Look at that detail!

The finished products!

The grounds at the terra cotta warrior museum.

This was the biggest of the terra cotta warrior excavation sites. There are approximately 1000 warriors in here.

More warriors!

Seriously, how cool is this? Hundreds upon hundreds of terra cotta warriors, some still being pieced together.

There were many headless terra cotta warriors. Kinda silly to look at.

A few years after the completion of the warriors, a farmers' rebellion came and burned the tomb. So all the paint has been burned off the warriors and the chariots (which were made of wood) were also burned. So the chariot drivers are chariot-less.

Terra cotta warriors were planking before we were. Also, this is a picture of the warriors being pieced together. None of them except one were found intact. So all the warriors are put together little by little.

After the warriors, we went to the Wild Goose Pagoda. It was a neat site!

I just really liked this lion at the Wild Goose Pagoda.

The rest of the day was spent at a China history museum and then we had a quick dinner at McDonalds and took an overnight train to Beijing. The train was lovely and now my favorite form of traveling is by overnight train in a bed.

Next up: Beijing!

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