Monday, July 1, 2013

Journeys around the World and Back

Whew, June was quite the month for me and Ryan. My sister, Julina, got married in Missouri, Ryan's brother, Andrew, graduated high school and was given the best graduation gift anyone could ask for: a 10-day trip to Japan and China (his choice) and the whole family came along for the ride. And then three days after that, Ryan and I were off to Arizona for a quick Young family reunion (my mom's side of the family). Now, we're back and have two weeks to recuperate until we're going back down to Arizona for some Lake Powell time!

Because I know some of you want pictures, I can give you some highlights from each trip, mainly my sister's wedding and China since I really didn't have time or energy to take pictures with my big camera of Arizona.

So here are some highlights of Missouri and the wedding!

 The St. Louis Temple!

 A wider shot of the temple

 Sarah trying to look majestic

 Taking a picture of Emily, sister and wedding photographer, taking a picture. I'm so meta.

 Elise and Sarah wearing cute dresses and white shrugs for the occasion.

 Coming out of the temple!

 Aren't they precious?!

 With the whole family! (at a poor angle. Juli's face is unfortunately cut off)

 Joe with baby Quinn.

 A cute look from the bride and groom.

 Elise and Lucy being photobombed by the ever lovely Emily.

 Juli, the bride, also being photobombed unintentionally by a wedding guest.

 Oh, Sarah.

 Beckie and Sarah looking oh so attractive.

 Thaaaat's better!

 The whole family again! Such happy faces!

Juli with her new family. She's gonna be a fantastic mother!

the newlyweds with the parents of the bride

 My dad looking so handsome. I am in love with this picture.

 Shiloh, Juli's new stepdaughter, insisted on a cousin photo with Noah and Lucy. They decided to give silly faces.

and one more of Sarah, who can't contain her excitement.

Next post I'll highlight my stay in Japan. then I'll do China in the next next post. Until next time!


Ellaniemae said...

Love the wedding shots! Looks like you inherited the photographer gene!

Peeser said...

Nice pictures- I really wish I'd had more than just my phone camera... Can't wait to see pics of your international trip!