Saturday, March 23, 2013

Introducing the Apartment

Ryan and I have lived in our current apartment for almost a year and because many of you haven't traveled to Provo in the last year, the likelihood that you've seen the apartment is slim. And I've had people ask to see pictures (and I wanted an excuse to play around with my still relatively new camera), so this blog is basically dedicated to the nooks and crannies of our humble apartment. Nothing was cleaned up when I took these pictures, so excuse the clutter at times.

Our shoe pile by the front door.

My water bottle sitting on the coffee table.

Our dinner table with a first aid kit on it and my portable speaker that I got for Christmas from Ryan.

The living room in whole (behind me is the dinner table). We're gonna be replacing that couch really soon.

The shelf in the corner of the room. Notice all the lanterns?

Our microwave/bread and fruit snack corner. Ryan installed the platform when we first moved in. Best thing we did for our kitchen and saving counter space.

The sink with an executed idea from Pinterest: using a cake platter as a place to hold soap and dish things.

 The fridge and where we keep cereal. 

 The bulletin board that hangs in the walkway between the living room and kitchen.

The dishes on the dish mat in the corner of the kitchen and the canisters that hold all my baking ingredients.

 Taking a selfie in the bathroom. I still love our shower curtain!

 We got a fake bush as a wedding present and currently it sits in the bathroom window sill. 

 Our bedroom isn't the most interesting thing. It will be undergoing a makeover this summer.

 Ryan's bedside table. The picture in the the front is of him and his Grandpa (who has since passed away). Behind it is the picture of the two of us I gave him for our 2-month-aversary.

 Ryan's dresser that sits across from the bed and the clock in our bedroom. We only use the little fan during the summer.

 The computer room/Ryan's desk. We inherited that desk from my grandma. And our bubble-sheet calendar from last year is STILL on our wall. Whoops!

 The bookshelf in our bedroom that's next to my desk. At the bottom you can see my sewing machine with it's cover on it.

This is hanging above Ryan's desk. Nothing like Japanese characters to add personality to a room!

 This is MY desk. Hopelessly cluttered but I know where EVERYTHING is. The book stack is all my textbooks. 

The keyboard that I use to practice hymns. Check out Ryan's rump next to it, HA!

That's the gist of my apartment. Now that spring is here, I have some major plans for reinventing the place and making it our own since we really like it here and plan on living here for the duration of our school years. Maybe paint the walls, sew some curtains, definitely getting some new furniture/new bedding. Who knows? But this is it as of right now. Hope you enjoyed the tour!