Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dabbling in Creativity

After that somewhat depressing post about missing Christmas and my family, I've decided to post about something a little more positive: delving into a form of creating.

My mother, in my eyes, is the queen of sewing. As a kid, and even as an adult, I would frequently see my mom at the sewing machine, half-watching a movie or TV show and making a dress, repairing jeans, doing who knows what. There are many pictures of me in my youth wearing her creations, one of which was a pair of shorts with cows on it. Cows. But I wore them proudly and still wear some of the clothes my mom has made me with pride and now with envy.

When I got married almost a year and a half ago, my mom gave me my very own sewing machine as a wedding present (as is tradition for each of her daughters who have or will get married). The October after getting that sewing machine, I bought a simple skirt pattern and tried my hand at "winging" it. I started cutting out the pattern and was mostly finished before I realized that I had bought a pattern for a size 12-14. I'm a size 4 (2 on a good day). So I quickly stopped doing anything and didn't touch the machine again until just recently. Over this Christmas break, I went home to Missouri and brought along the skirt and pattern hoping that my mom could fix it somehow. After a few hours of mulling things over and actual sewing, we had made a functional and rather cute houndstooth almost-maxi skirt.

That inspired me to start using my sewing machine even more.

Last year for my birthday, Ryan's mom got me a whole bunch of quilt squares and a border to make a decent-sized quilt. I planned to work on it over the summer with her, but that never ended up happening. So after finishing the dress and saving it from utter demise (with a LOT of help), I was dying to get started on my quilt. And so I made plans to do quilting with my mother-in-law every Friday, since I don't have class on Fridays.

Which leads me now to the main subject of this blog: With my creative juices flowing and my confidence waxing stronger, and at the request of my husband, I decided to make a little drawstring bag that would hold Ryan's Nintendo 3DS XL that he bought last weekend with some extra money we got from pell grants. He was a BIG help with this project since he had done something similar while on his mission but he hand-sewed it.

We went to Joann's earlier today and bought half a yard of fabric and 2 yards of rope. I also decided to make one for my newly inherited Nintendo 3DS (the one I bought for him last Christmas), so we got another half yard of fabric. After much deliberation, we ended up buying a flannel-type fabric for those of you who are curious.

Ryan cut out the "pattern" for his 3DS. He used the foam bag that was packaged around the gaming device when he bought it as a rough size for the bag and doubled it and then added half the size of it for some extra room. He added a couple of inches on the top so that the bag could close with a drawstring.
If any of you want specifics, I can go more into detail in an email or whatever, but for now, I'll just post pictures.

Here is the fabric and drawstring material we used (ended up being $10).

 My sewing machine.

 Ryan with his cutout for his drawstring bag.

 A really grainy photo of Ryan making sure everything is perfect with his pattern.

 Drawing out my pattern for my 3DS (the black not-remote thing in the lower right of the screen).

 Doing the finishing touches for his 3DS XL (the blue thing in the upper right).

 The finished products!

I did Ryan's first and that ended up being the better of the two, surprisingly. Though you can't tell and I don't really mind, the stitch for the drawstring part ended up on the outside because I wasn't paying attention when I started sewing the bag shut. Oops! But it still looks cute and I also have another drawstring bag that already works well with the 3DS, so I didn't need to make the bag for mine, I just wanted to.

This was a fun little project to get me motivated and feeing more confident as I continue making the quilt and possibly take on more little projects.


Beckie said...

Very impressed by your have inspired me to...probably do nothing, but heck, maybe sew myself one day??

Julina said...

Hey - looks like it turned out pretty well. Good for you! Thanks for chatting yesterday, it was good to talk. Have a great week

Sarah Lambson said...

Reason 3 to get married-getting a sewing machine. HA! Joking. But seriously, I ache to learn to sew. Em and Mom are my Idols and now I can add YOU to the list!

Ellaniemae said...

You SOOOO have your mom's sewing talents. I am jealous that your quilt turned out so good, and that those bags are so cute! And I am WAY impressed that you endeavored a skirt. So brave! Way to go!

My first attempt at sewing on a machine was a quilt for my niece. I was made of flannel and denim. I broke my friend's sewing machine and felt TERRIBLE! But the quilt turned out I was pleased.

Can't wait to see what you sew next!

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...