Monday, October 15, 2012

A Lovely Fall Weekend

This past weekend was the best weekend I've had in a while. It was exactly what I needed as far as getting a break from school and the demands of my life.

Friday, my only class was cancelled, so all I had to do was work and then come home and get as much homework done as I could so that Saturday was uninhibited by such mindless tasks. It was supposed to rain (and it did rain), so I walked to school to the sounds of "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me", the wonderful NPR show that informs me while making me snicker.

Here are some pictures of the walk home, the weather slightly drizzly and the atmosphere cool, wet, and full of autumn air.

I absolutely love it when the mountains are engulfed by the misty clouds on rainy days like this! I couldn't stop smiling as I walked home because of the weather, the fact that it was the weekend, and later that evening Ryan and I had a fun date ahead: using up his gift card to Panda Express and watching "Clue".

 Here are the mountains again from the same spot as before, except 5 hours later. So lovely to be near them all the time!

 Everything is set up to be eaten! Let the date begin!

 Artsy close up of the fortune cooke and chopsticks. Mmm, I do love fake Chinese food!

Ryan has never partaken in any kind of rangoon, so we got their cream cheese rangoons to eat and enjoy. they were good, but not as good as the crab rangoon found at Fermosa's in Columbia, MO!

And we rounded off the rainy day with "Clue", a favorite of ours and a perfect movie for those rainy days and the upcoming Halloween holiday.

Sometimes, I like going out for dates. But recently, I've been craving staying in, cuddling, and watching some good, classic movies. 

Saturday morning was the Homecoming parade, and we couldn't miss out on those blue pancakes again! So we went, ate our fill of blue pancakes and watched as people paraded by, throwing candy and waving. Here are some highlights.

The last picture is of mushrooms we saw growing in a cluster on the walk home.

I was going to write descriptions for each picture of the parade, but I kind of like having you all guess what each float/display is for and/or what you are actually looking at. So have fun looking and tell me what you think something is for in the comments if you would like!