Sunday, September 30, 2012

My College "Bucket List"

I have an unwritten college "bucket list". I put bucket list in quotes because I'm not anticipating dropping dead the second my hand touches my diploma, but I'm metaphorically dying and becoming a real-world dweller once I graduate. Thus, the college "bucket list". I haven't actually written down each thing I want to do, but I do have a mental list of things that my friends have done or that I've seen in the university-produced paper or just general things most college students need to do at least once before graduating.

Here are a few examples: really have an all-nighter, eat nothing but ramen for a week (this one makes me sick thinking about, but I've seen some creative recipes using ramen on Pinterest, so I'm willing to bite the bullet and do this with those recipes in hand), go to a homecoming dance, participate in "Llama Caroling" (I think this is BYU-specific), and attend at least 1 game of each collegiate-level sporting event.

I have finally started attempting the last item of the examples list. This past Friday, my boss gave me his tickets to the football game against University of Hawaii. And, believe it or not, we went. Neither Ryan or I are really big football fans and Ryan, in general, isn't a sports fan. So the fact that we actually went is kind of a shocker. But Ryan knew how much it meant to me to actually attend a football game without working concessions and so we went. We had really good seats in the seated section of the stadium (so no bleachers!), we were facing away from the setting sun, and the weather was PERFECT! 70 degrees and breezy, absolutely gorgeous. Though we didn't stay for the entire game because BYU was decimating U of H, it was a fun experience and I'm glad that I can finally say I've been to a BYU football game!

 The teams on the field (the team closest to the camera is Hawaii). When we arrived, a Hawaii player was severely injured and the cluster of people in the middle right of the picture are the coaches/aids helping the poor lad. He was taken off the field minutes later on a gurney.

 Everyone very attentive during all of this.

 Halfway through the first quarter, we went to get food. We both ate Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches and got Cougar Tails (16-inch maple bars). Here's Ryan with his Cougar Tail, happy as a clam.

 I tried getting a good picture of Y-Mountain while the sun was setting, but the stadium lights kept getting in the way. Despite that, isn't it pretty?

 Here is Squaw Peak(?) in the sunset light. I think it's Squaw Peak. Utah-valley experts, correct me if I'm wrong.

Just another fun view of the stadium and our view from our seats.

 Time out for the teams. Here is team Hawaii probably talking about how badly they're getting beat.

 We're so happy!

 Half-time show with the Cougar Band. They had a neat 007-themed mini show for us. The color guard were dressed up in trench coats and sunglasses to illustrate the theme. This was actually my favorite part of the game (which is funny because it wasn't even the game!)

 Another shot of the Cougar band. They were really sharp and a lot of fun to watch.

 The almost-full moon rising was really cool to watch when the game wasn't interesting enough.

 Another shot of the moon rising above the stadium.

 A really bad picture of the Cougar band in the risers, playing the Fight Song because we got a touchdown (at least, I think that's when I took this picture).

I decided to take at least one picture of the Cougars in action. Go Cougars!

It was a fun evening and although I might not go to a football game again, I'm glad that I had the experience of rooting on my team and seeing them win big!


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

wow, the Cougar band doesn't have to sit in the end-zone anymore!

Sarah Lambson said...

Yeah, I know this post is a little old. But here's my comment!

I think that the ONLY way I would ever go to a footbal game is if I had good, FREE tickets and someone who I know wasn't sports crazy to go with. It would be about the atmosphere and the experience, not about the competition and who wins. So this sounds PERFECT.

AND my favorite part is ALWAYS the band!!! I LOVED marching competitions and watching the other bands. Didn't I make you go to GSL with me once? Anyway I am still a band nerd at heart and it made me smile that your favorite part was the show the band put on.

You look so cute! All the time, and I miss you, and I think you are growing up so fast I can't believe it! You're an amazing woman (weird to say, but it's true!) And yadda, yadda, yadda, you are awesome.


Ellaniemae said...

I admire you for having a "bucket list." By the time I was close enough to think about graduation looming ahead, I was trying to focus my efforts and get the "heck outta dodge." Kudos for expanding your horizons...