Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy (Late) Anniversary!

Two Sundays ago was our wedding anniversary. Can you believe it's been ONE WHOLE YEAR? It sure hasn't felt that way to me. But, alas, despite what I might've felt, we went and celebrated our first year in roughly the same area that we celebrated our initial marriage: Park City. It all started Saturday August 4th. I expressed wanting to travel to Salt Lake City to see a movie that was only showing there: "Beasts of the Southern Wild". Ryan was down, and so we traveled up there in the afternoon (after we finished our chores: laundry and grocery shopping), and caught a 4pm showing.

When I was looking at movie theaters in Salt Lake, I had no idea that the one I chose was anything like the way it was. I don't have any good pictures, but basically I chose the Salt Lake City version of the Ragtag cinema theater. At the time we went (and I think it's still going on), they were having "Castles in the Sky" where each week they would show a new film made by Miyazaki for a month or so. All summer, they were also showing a classic movie on 35mm film each week. How cool is that?! I'm glad I got to go and to also see "Beasts of the Southern Wild", which was a movie I was intending to see at the Sundance Film Festival this past year but didn't get to.

Sorry about the photo quality. I forgot to bring the actual camera, so these are from my iPhone 3GS (not even the 4S, which has 8 megapixels).

Waiting for the movie at the little area where they had chairs and tables for eating. Their movie food menu was spectacular!

Here we are in the theater, me sporting my handy dandy glasses. The seats were apparently a recent renovation, and they were comfy!

After we were finished with that, we traveled from Salt Lake to our cozy bed and breakfast in Kamas, a little outside of Park City. The drive was scenic, which was annoying the first trip since it was around 7pm by the time we got there and we were STARVING. But that was quickly whisked away when we saw the suite we were staying in.
 This was the bed in the first bedroom, where we ended up sleeping. This bed was seriously the most comfortable bed I've ever had the pleasure of sleeping in.

 This was the door from the first bedroom leading to our private parlor room, a place we would've used more often had we reserved this place for two days, not the one.

 A cute dresser/vanity area and lovely little lamp. The housekeeper told us that sometimes people stay here for weeks, and I can easily see why they would.

A different angle from the bed and looking at the different doors. The second door lead outside, I believe, but we already had the parlor room door that lead to our private section of the porch.

 The toilet, which wasn't something spectacular, just nice that we had our own private bathroom.

 A mirror picture! This mirror/window thing is a good example of the decor that was throughout the B&B. Because the house was built 115 years ago, and the part we were staying in was the oldest, it had a very rustic 1800s feel to it.

 A washer and dryer for those extended stay people. How great is that?

 The sink with my curling iron sitting in it. The sink size was my only complaint because I enjoy the luxury of having two sinks/mirrors in our bathroom with lots of space to set things.

 Our lovely shower with two, yes two, shower heads. It was hard to get the temperatures to match perfectly, so for fun, I made one slightly cooler for when I would get overheated by the first one.

 This is the second bedroom bed, which we didn't use. I bet it was as comfy as the one we stayed in.

Some more of the decor/art work that was found in the rooms. I wanted to steal the lantern since we sort of collect those now.

Aaaand our towels/bathrobes. If we had time Sunday morning, I would've lounged around in that bathrobe all day.

After our quick tour, we headed up to Park City to eat, thinking that Kamas didn't have anything to offer. Apparently, they do, but we didn't know that at the time, so we endured starvation for another 30 minutes while we wound our way through the mountains and into historic main street.

At first, I was thinking we should try something adventurous and classy, but the moment we got sat in one of those fancy restaurants, my tummy was sad: all they had to offer were things of a sophisticated nature. At this point in my hunger, I was definitely craving something classic like a steak and mashed potatoes, and a LOT of it. I have no doubt in my mind that elk steak is delicious, but my taste buds were sad when I saw that was their only meaty option. Plus, it was $45 for that elk steak. So we got up, embarrassed, and headed down main street to try again.

Eventually, we went to a place we've been to in the past: The Eating Establishment. I was a little sad that we didn't try something new, but to justify my lack of adventure, I had never had dinner there: we ate breakfast at this place on our honeymoon and also for Stephanie's (Ryan's sister) birthday breakfast. Dinner was just as delicious, and they had burgers and steak and everything my tummy wanted!

 This was our view from our table. We sat outside since it was nice, but we started eating at 8pm and by the time we finished at around 9:30 it was chilly! Apparently cities up in the mountains get cold at night. Who knew?

 My delicious meal of parmesan-crusted beef medallions and grilled veggies. I also had fries on the side since I was craving good ol' classic fries.

 A quick view of the lunch menu where I almost ordered from. Definitely lots of delicious options.

Ryan got a delicious burger. I caught him post-bite and looking a little exasperated. But he did enjoy the burger!

We also ate a brownie sundae at the end of dinner, but it was gone so fast that I didn't get a picture.

We didn't linger around Park City long, since we were exhausted from the day. So we headed back and slept in the super comfortable bed at our B&B.

The next morning, the housekeeper, Sheri, made a veggie quiche and prepared us some fruit parfaits while we waited for the quiche to finish. While we ate breakfast, we chatted with her about our lives and she told us the origins of the B&B and her own life story. Since we were the only ones in the dining room for breakfast, we got a lot of time to get to know one another. She is a really neat woman who has endured a lot of trials in her life but makes the best of it. 

After breakfast, we packed up and asked Sheri where the best trail for a beautiful nature walk was. She gave us directions for a trail that followed the Provo river up the mountain, and so we decided to do a mid-morning nature walk.

 A wildflower. Sarah, do you know what it's called?

 Walking through the trees to the first area where there were pools of water, one that was festering and probably a breeding ground for mosquitos.

 The pool where Ryan's head is blocking the view is the festering one. But it was still gorgeous!

 I should probably trim my bangs. But we're happy and excited for more!

 There's that festering pool again.

 This was a strange fungus(?) that was found on tree branches from time to time. It looked a bit like the stuff from Spiderman 3 that attached itself to Peter Parker and made him into the dark Spiderman, whatever its name is...

 Some of the rather chilly Provo river peeking out from behind the greenery. There was a lovely breeze that came off the river that kept us really cool the entire hike.

 A cool tree full of what looked like birds nests, though it could just be dead plants.

 A small, mossy waterfall. This water looked clean enough to drink!

 Another small pool-ish little area of the river.

 What an awesome waterfall, despite its size.

 I got sap stuck on my fingers at some point, and Ryan decided to take a million (meaning 4) pictures of me washing the sap off. It didn't really "wash" off, but froze off. It solidified when I put my hands in the water and just came off. This water was frigid, I tell you!

 More plant life. I love this stuff!

 Ryan with a blade of grass. I think he took the word "blade" a little too seriously, seeing as he brandished the thing like an actual sword.

 This stuff looked an awful lot like ragweed, but I'm certain it wasn't since I didn't have any allergy problems on the hike. It was lovely in the sunlight.

 Ryan standing in the perfect clearing for a campsite. If I camped along this trail, this would probably be a great spot since it was close to the river (it was right behind me when I took this photo) and the trees protected it from the sun/other elements.

 There were a large amount of fallen trees along this trail. Not sure if this was a common thing, but it sure was strange to me.

 Trees and stuff washed down from the top of the mountain, and also a pretty view. I'm finding more and more each day that I adore Utah and its wildlife.

 This was the stick we used to get spiderwebs out of the way. Though it was small, it was really handy!

 Part of the mountain. We turned around at this point because the trail got a little more rigorous and we didn't want to exert too much energy on a Sunday.

Still happy and loving life after 1 year!

After we got back, we hopped in the car and drove back to Provo. Overall, it was a fantastic weekend and a great celebration of our first year of marriage! I can't wait for all the years to come and enjoy getting to know this guy each more every day.

Oh, I forgot! Gifts! The first year of marriage is the "paper anniversary" (as opposed to golden or silver and stuff like that), so I got Ryan "World War Z", a zombie apocalypse book he hasn't read yet, and a book of coupons where he can get things like dessert and fun dates from me. Ryan got me this giant poster:

He had it framed and ready for hanging when I unwrapped it.

If you're too lazy to click on it, it's all 7 Harry Potter books summarized hilariously in cartoon picture form. Each time I look at it, I find something new that's absolutely ridiculous or funny. He came up with this gift idea all by himself and it is PERFECT! I love it and I love him, of course.

And that's all folks! Thanks for reading!