Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lake Powell


What a crazy couple of weeks!

Have you ever had that feeling that you really don't have any down time to do anything you really want to do? That was me until this past Friday. I would love to blog about everything that went on, talk about every small detail, but that would become an unnecessarily long blog post. For now, I'll focus on the trip we just took with Ryan's family and his uncle's family.

Almost every summer, Ryan's family have gone down to Lake Powell and spent time on their house boat, lounging around, swimming, and doing whatever you want. Last year I went over Labor Day weekend for a couple of days and loved it! This time, though, it was a longer trip and we were able to take the house boat off the buoy and to a more remote area in the canyons of the lake. We were there Friday-Tuesday, a perfect long weekend away from everything.

Instead of cluttering this post with words, allow me to show you with pictures! Beware: There are a LOT.

 This is the view from the buoy. Lots of house boats around us when we're here, so they like to anchor somewhere else.

 Ryan giving me a silly face. It's rare when I get a serious face from him.

A view from the speed boat when we went exploring the first night.

Another view from the speed boat.

We went to this giant sand hill that almost everyone hikes at least once. I decided to do give it a try.

Almost there! I was pretty wiped out by this point. Can you see Ryan at the top already?

I made it! And the view was amazing!

Sitting in the sand because I was exhausted! I felt like I ran a 5k after this hike!

A charming picture of Ryan's cousins (From left to right): Luke, Jackson, and Lauren.

Ryan giving me a face again. Isn't he a cutie?

Me and Ryan at the top of the sand hill, about to run down again.

What a stud.

A view from the place we anchored for the weekend.

Getting the anchors in.

 Andrew, Ryan's brother, swimming around our less-populated location.

 The rocks/canyons surrounding our amazing location.

Sunbathing on the top of the house boat.

 A view from Sunday's exploration time.

 Can you spot the elephant?

 Inside a cool alcove area. When we blasted the music from the boat, it would echo within the area. So cool!

 Isn't this place gorgeous?

 Ryan and Andrew exploring some areas of the alcove.

 There they are, sitting proud on their discovery.

Andrew on the rock, Ryan in the water.
 Andrew jumping off the rock.

 Ryan on the rock, though he didn't jump. He's not a jumper.

Really cool view and a neat cloud arch in the background.

 This is where we anchored the speed boat to swim for a bit on Sunday.

 Some more cool views of the slot canyons we boated through.

 The small patch of sand we used to anchor the boat in the slot canyons.

 Me and Ryan climbed that rock and knocked some rocks off of it. Good times!

Gotta love that face.

 Later that evening, we went and checked out the slot canyons near where we anchored.

 Ryan is enjoying a handful of Red Vines (there is a large bag always in the boat).

 These canyons were so neat, especially at this time of night!

 The water was like glass.

 Attempting a reflection picture.

 At this point, there were a lot of bats flying back and forth, wish I caught them on camera!

 Some more canyon pictures as well as a bit of sky/clouds. So pretty!

Another reflection picture.
 I think I went overboard with the pictures, but it was so neat!

 We were so excited, though I was a little afraid a bat would hit me in the head.

 The next day, I spent time on the beach, collecting things.

I kept these rocks, aren't they neat?

 Ryan just loved that pink inner tube. Jackson just loves the water.

 Sunset on the last night we were there, back in the buoy field.

There are tons of stories that go along with these pictures, but I think this is getting long enough. Overall, the trip was exactly what I needed: I finished two books and started a third and I didn't have to worry about anything except if I have enough sunscreen on (I only got slightly burned on my shoulders, by the way). I can't wait to go back, whether it be this summer or next, I will definitely be looking forward to it!

Hope you all enjoyed this photographic journey. Next stop: Missouri!


Peeser said...

There are some fantastic, beautiful pictures here- nicely done! I especially like some of those reflection pictures- they turned out quite nicely.

I'm not surprised you were exhausted after climbing that hill- it looks pretty steep, and the sand would only make it harder to climb. I agree, though, it looks like the view was worth it!

And I like that in one of the pictures you're wearing the Smashing Pumpkins shirt I (finally) got you one year!

Can't wait to see you in about a week!

Twig said...

It's beautiful! I love Lake Powell. =)

YOU'RE COMING TO MISSOURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am overjoyed. We need to hang out.

Sarah Lambson said...


Also, LOVE the pics.

Also, SO excited to see you soon!

Also, I think you, Twig, and I need to get Sparkey's or something together.

Also, I'm done.

Steph said...

Sitting here in the Jerusalem Center Library attempting to write a really boring paper and am so jealous that you guys got to go to Powell! Wish I could have been there with you guys, looks like you had fun!