Saturday, June 9, 2012


As I write this post, I am witting in a meeting room next to studio C at the BYU Broadcast building. In studio C, Divine Comedy is performing their 2-hour comedy show in front of a live audience and cameras, as this will air sometime in the fall as a television series (they did an episode last week and will do more later in the summer). What am I doing blogging then if I'm working? Well, I'm babysitting a cat named Weasley.

 For one of the sketches, a person "eats" a cat at the very end, and this poor half-kitten half-cat is the victim. It's definitely a cushy job: I sit in a quiet room and putter around the internet, or blog, as is the case right now. Sometimes she'll come up to my typing hands and swat at them. I have a few cuts on them because of this, as she's not de-clawed. But she's a sweet soul and took a long luxurious nap in my lap between sketches. But enough about Weasley.

I want to talk to you all about what happened earlier this week.

About a month ago, I submitted my resumé to a place called Malawi's Pizza via Craigslist and wasn't sure if I'd hear back from them or not. More interviews with other places came and went and I completely forgot about my attempt at getting hired by this food place. When I got the call from one of the managers last Wednesday (I couldn't answer, so I actually heard a voice mail), I was a little hesitant to return the call. Malawi's was the only place I applied for that was food-related, and I wasn't too keen on returning to the food industry as it's not super profitable and can be a little thankless. But I called back, set up a time for an interview, and decided to see what was going to happen. This interview was interview #7 since the end of March, so I wasn't getting my hopes up. But I should also mention that this was interview #1 outside of BYU employment.

I went in for my interview on Monday (this past Monday, I should clarify), and it was one of the most rapid, right-down-to-business interviews I've ever had. I was in and out in 8 minutes, and they informed me that they would let me know either that evening or by Wednesday. I went home not super confident, but also not super disappointed because I'd dealt with rejection many times previous.

Fast-forward 1.5 hours. I get a phone call, and I answer, unsure of who was calling. It was the manager again. Turns out, they want me! They want me the very next day! Woah woah woah...too fast. I told them that the earliest I could work would be next week as the week was the last one where I'd be in school, and I had way too much on my plate. She said that would be fine. And so, as of right now, I am an employee of Malawi's Pizza!

What is my position, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's not really a serving position because you order your pizza at the front and then go sit down. I run the pizzas, pastas, salads out to the customers and then bus the tables when they're finished. If I'm lucky, I'll learn to be a cashier/person who takes the orders. The manager informed me at first that I shouldn't expect any more than 15-25 hours a week, but as of right now (I already have my schedule for the rest of June), I'm averaging about 33 hours a week. Holy moly! I'll be paid minimum wage (plus tips if any), but with that many hours, I'll still be making more than what I make at BYUB.

Which brings me to my next point: will I quit BYUB? No. Because Malawi's isn't a campus job, I can easily hold both positions, as long as I don't have conflicting hours.

And now to what in the world Malawi's Pizza is.

It is a pizza/pasta/salad place, but each meal that is purchased, one meal is donated to a child living in Malawi, Africa. Pretty neat, huh?! And (this is for you, mom) they have GLUTEN FREE CRUSTS! Seriously, all you gluten-free dieters, Utah is the place to be right now. Almost every restaurant has a gluten-free menu or substitutes, and their own isles in grocery stores. But that's beside the point (or is it?). Take a look at some of their stuff:

That's their pesto roasted chicken pizza. Mmmmm!

Their chicken pepper pasta.

Their apple and berry salad!

Peanut butter cup s'mores dessert pizza!!!

I've eaten at Malawi's once on a date with Ryan before we were married, and it was delicious! I didn't get a chance to have their dessert pizza, but believe me, I will before I stop working there.

I'm excited, if not slightly overwhelmed at working 30+ hours a week at a new job! But it's money, and it's good food, and a great cause!

Now, back to my other job/playing with the kitty.


Julina said...

Congrats/good luck re: the new job. And I hope Weasley survived her gig on the comedy show.
Can't believe I'm gonna see you in just a few weeks (: Have a good one till then...

Ellaniemae said...

I am so glad for you! I hope you enjoy this new employment venture. How is the new apartment turning out?

Chassidy Dare said...

That peanut butter cup s'mores dessert pizza looks I just wanted to stop by and commend you on your willingness to work 2 jobs. Hats off to ya! Sometime's a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I can relate :)