Monday, June 18, 2012

A Typical Summer Day

I have worked at Malawi's for one week now. I didn't realize how much I missed the restaurant world until I was back in the fray, delivering food, bussing tables, and running around cleaning everything up. It's definitely something that I don't regret going to each night. But let's wait and see how I feel after doing double shifts wednesday through saturday this week. Yikes!

School is officially over for me now, except for my "Beehive Stories" class, which isn't over until everything is turned in. Each episode still needs some audio tweaking and so once that's finished (hopefully by next week) THEN that class will be over. I'm pretty sure I got a B+ in my French class, but I'm okay with that.

Working full-time at Malawi's has created a new sort-of schedule with me and Ryan. We used to spend every evening making dinner together and watching things on TV or on Netflix. Nowadays, we'll eat alone as I usually go in at 5 or 5:30. Ryan now spends his evenings gaming to his little heart's content as I bustle around the restaurant, earning money. I thought this would be a harder adjustment than it has been because I adore the time we have together at night. But what it's done for me is made me really appreciate the nights we do have together since those are going to be rare occurrences for a while. It feels good to be a bit contributor to our income. I also get to have more relaxed mornings since the restaurant doesn't open until 11 (meaning I will go in at 10 if I have an opening shift).

Even though school is done for me, that doesn't mean I'll cut myself a break. I have let go of some good habits throughout the last few months and I really need to get back into them. I am back at my original weight from before I started doing Jillian Michaels DVD workouts, and I need to get back into shape. I also have forgotten to update our "budget" (which is really just a recording of what we spend our money on, less of a "spend this amount only on such-and-such thing), and so I need to get back into that habit. Ryan and I are fairly clean individuals, so we don't necessarily NEED to clean, but we haven't cleaned our new apartment since we've moved in here (a month and a half ago); so that needs to be done again. Spiritually, we've also gotten lazy: we haven' been to the temple since...oh, I dunno, February? January? It seriously has been a LONG time, considering we have a temple 5 minutes away. We aren't diligent in our couples scripture reading and we don't have a regular Family Home Evening.

Overall, my life is content, but like my sister Emily, I've gotten stuck in a rut and my body and soul need and crave things that should be in my life! I want to read more, I want to journal more, I want to feel accomplished in my cooking, cleaning, and budgeting habits. I want to invite the Spirit into my home as much as possible, and I want to feel healthy and lively.

There is so much that can be improved in our home after 10 months of marriage. And it won't be easy to keep these habits, but I am determined that we establish them now and keep them for the rest of our mortal lives.

How do you all keep a stable, healthy life amidst all the chaos of school, work, and other duties? Where do you fit all of these things into your day? I would love the advice!

And with that, I think I'll clean the bathroom.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


As I write this post, I am witting in a meeting room next to studio C at the BYU Broadcast building. In studio C, Divine Comedy is performing their 2-hour comedy show in front of a live audience and cameras, as this will air sometime in the fall as a television series (they did an episode last week and will do more later in the summer). What am I doing blogging then if I'm working? Well, I'm babysitting a cat named Weasley.

 For one of the sketches, a person "eats" a cat at the very end, and this poor half-kitten half-cat is the victim. It's definitely a cushy job: I sit in a quiet room and putter around the internet, or blog, as is the case right now. Sometimes she'll come up to my typing hands and swat at them. I have a few cuts on them because of this, as she's not de-clawed. But she's a sweet soul and took a long luxurious nap in my lap between sketches. But enough about Weasley.

I want to talk to you all about what happened earlier this week.

About a month ago, I submitted my resumé to a place called Malawi's Pizza via Craigslist and wasn't sure if I'd hear back from them or not. More interviews with other places came and went and I completely forgot about my attempt at getting hired by this food place. When I got the call from one of the managers last Wednesday (I couldn't answer, so I actually heard a voice mail), I was a little hesitant to return the call. Malawi's was the only place I applied for that was food-related, and I wasn't too keen on returning to the food industry as it's not super profitable and can be a little thankless. But I called back, set up a time for an interview, and decided to see what was going to happen. This interview was interview #7 since the end of March, so I wasn't getting my hopes up. But I should also mention that this was interview #1 outside of BYU employment.

I went in for my interview on Monday (this past Monday, I should clarify), and it was one of the most rapid, right-down-to-business interviews I've ever had. I was in and out in 8 minutes, and they informed me that they would let me know either that evening or by Wednesday. I went home not super confident, but also not super disappointed because I'd dealt with rejection many times previous.

Fast-forward 1.5 hours. I get a phone call, and I answer, unsure of who was calling. It was the manager again. Turns out, they want me! They want me the very next day! Woah woah woah...too fast. I told them that the earliest I could work would be next week as the week was the last one where I'd be in school, and I had way too much on my plate. She said that would be fine. And so, as of right now, I am an employee of Malawi's Pizza!

What is my position, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's not really a serving position because you order your pizza at the front and then go sit down. I run the pizzas, pastas, salads out to the customers and then bus the tables when they're finished. If I'm lucky, I'll learn to be a cashier/person who takes the orders. The manager informed me at first that I shouldn't expect any more than 15-25 hours a week, but as of right now (I already have my schedule for the rest of June), I'm averaging about 33 hours a week. Holy moly! I'll be paid minimum wage (plus tips if any), but with that many hours, I'll still be making more than what I make at BYUB.

Which brings me to my next point: will I quit BYUB? No. Because Malawi's isn't a campus job, I can easily hold both positions, as long as I don't have conflicting hours.

And now to what in the world Malawi's Pizza is.

It is a pizza/pasta/salad place, but each meal that is purchased, one meal is donated to a child living in Malawi, Africa. Pretty neat, huh?! And (this is for you, mom) they have GLUTEN FREE CRUSTS! Seriously, all you gluten-free dieters, Utah is the place to be right now. Almost every restaurant has a gluten-free menu or substitutes, and their own isles in grocery stores. But that's beside the point (or is it?). Take a look at some of their stuff:

That's their pesto roasted chicken pizza. Mmmmm!

Their chicken pepper pasta.

Their apple and berry salad!

Peanut butter cup s'mores dessert pizza!!!

I've eaten at Malawi's once on a date with Ryan before we were married, and it was delicious! I didn't get a chance to have their dessert pizza, but believe me, I will before I stop working there.

I'm excited, if not slightly overwhelmed at working 30+ hours a week at a new job! But it's money, and it's good food, and a great cause!

Now, back to my other job/playing with the kitty.