Monday, May 7, 2012

April Fail

Okay, so I kinda failed at updating my blog on a daily basis. I'll give my BEDA effort a C. Maybe C-. Nah, I'll cut myself some slack and keep it a C. I deserve it right now.

I shall give you all a nutshell'd version of the chaos that is my life right now: things that seemed in order in April have gone spiraling out of control in May.

I may be over-dramatizing it a bit. But allow me to give you a more in-depth-not-quite-so-nutshell'd version of it all.

I found out on Thursday night, in a hotel away from home and comfort, that I not only forgot to pay tuition for Spring term, but that BYU had taken the liberty of dropping both of my Spring term classes. I was sitting in said hotel room, pleased after a successful first day of filming (I'll get more into this later), and trying to do my French homework on BYU's version of Blackboard, and I found myself staring at a blank spot on the page where my French class's name would've been on this version of Blackboard. I had tried this earlier in the day and emailed my professor about the issue, thinking that it was a glitch in the website since it's only a few weeks old. After the second attempt at the hotel room, I looked at my email and saw I had a response from my professor; he told me that I was no longer on his roster and that I had dropped the class, something he wasn't too concerned about since it is still early in the semester and people are prone to drop classes.

I was shocked. Why in the world would I have dropped the class? And then I remembered in one, frantic thought:

Yeah, it wasn't pretty. I was sharing my hotel room with one of my film crew members, so I kept my cool, but inside I was crying and hating myself for forgetting to pay freaking tuition. I remember what I told her as far as the situation a few minutes later, and I remember that I was cool and collected and there may have been a chuckle or two in it, just to elude coolness and whatnot.

A few minutes after that, I tried sleeping and had a rough time, though that might've been because of the horrid pillows at the cheap hotel.

I haven't yet resolved the issue, but both my professors know what's going on and so I am in the process of petitioning to BYU to get my classes back.

The second thing that's been going wrong has to do with the contract to our apartment we supposedly sold. For all of last week (the week before rent was due at our old complex), me and Ryan had been trying to get ahold of the couple who told us they wanted our contract, with no success. We've also been calling our landlady, and had been unsuccessful at getting ahold of her as well. And so the entire week, we were freaking out about the fact that maybe our contract didn't get sold, since we hadn't heard from either of them as to the next steps in the contract-selling process, which usually includes a cleaning check and giving the keys to the new owners, things we hadn't done yet.

The very same day that my classes were dropped, I sent an email to the couple, giving them a 24 hour ultimatum that if they hadn't signed the contract and hadn't contacted me, I would put the ad back on craigslist and find someone who wanted the apartment. We thought we had until Saturday the 5th to find someone to buy the contract before rent was due/overdue starting the 6th. So I had to act fast, right? So that night, after I found out about forgetting to pay tuition and all that junk, I quickly whipped up a new ad (I couldn't wait in my frantic freaking-out-ness for another 12 hours to pass) and posted it on Craigslist, confident that I'd have 6-7 offers in the morning.

Morning came. Nothing. I texted Ryan to call the landlady as soon as possible. He tried a couple of times and she still didn't pick up. Long story short (TOO LATE), we spent the whole week, and most of Thursday/Friday freaking out when finally, on Saturday, we called the landlady again, trying to cut her a deal that maybe we wouldn't have to pay all of May's rent for the vacant apartment.

She picked up the phone and proceeded to tell Ryan things that we should've been informed about 5 days earlier. Turns out, the couple HAD signed the contract!


Not until June. May was still up in the air. We didn't find this out until today via the couple who finally emailed me back, and so when we called her initially on Saturday, she wasn't sure as to when they signed it for. The relief we felt was short-lived because there's this whole thing as to how rent for May will work. The contract is now in their possession, but they won't move in until June. They informed me that they didn't want us to have to pay for May, but neither of us are sure as to how everything will shake out.

And to make matters worse, the new job I thought I'd have by now has still evaded me, I've had 5-6 different interviews at this point, each of them ending with a short email or phone call informing me that I just wasn't the right person for the job. Talk about a confidence smasher. I'm feeling more hopeless as each day passes and I submit my resumé to a new position with no really good leads. It's like dating, except when a job rejects you, it's also taking all your money, not just your dignity and pride.

Sorry for this pity fest. But I figured that you all deserved to know the goings-on in my life. I promise that I will talk more about my filming experience this past week and fun things along that line.

P.S. "The Avengers" was pretty great. Though you all probably know that by now.


Julina said...


April really did kinda stink for you. At least you have people willing to work with you somewhat, but still, no wonder you were kind of freaking out last week!

I'm officially launched on the ego-busting job search roller coaster, so if it helps to know that I'm feeling your pain, well, I'm feeling your pain. Good luck and I hope May is much better.

Ellaniemae said...

I am sooo sorry that life is so tough right now. I was hoping for a happy post about life in the new apartment. I wish I could do more to appease your anguish, but I can at least "listen" (a.k.a. read) your troubles.