Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday is spelled funny

Welcome to day 4! One of these next 26 days, I'll have a plan as to what I'm going to blog.

Today, me and Ryan looked at that apartment I mentioned yesterday(?) or maybe the day before. Not sure, but I'm sure I mentioned it sometime. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but what we saw was definitely not it. I don't know why, but I am super obsessed with moving out of the apartment we're in now and into something different. Maybe I'm looking for change, maybe I'm seeking a different scene, I don't know. But the apartment we went and saw was T-I-N-Y. I'm usually not a picky person, but since we landed a pretty good deal with our apartment now (it's roomy and relatively cheap, but not without it's quirks i.e. crappy AC and questionable internet), I find that when I see an apartment that isn't as spacy/roomy as this one, I think we could do better. Maybe we could, but so far I haven't been impressed.

The people presenting the apartment couldn't be any nicer. And Ryan said that it would've been a sweet arrangement if he were single and living alone. But together? We barely fit into the bedroom with the queen-sized bed in there! Anyways, it was nice to think that this could've been the one, but I needed a reality check and this was the perfect one.

Anyways, Ryan has now informed me of his intents if we move: it either has to be a 1 bedroom apartment WAY cheaper than this one, or (more likely than the first) a two-bedroom IF and only if I find a new job that will guarantee me 20 hours a week. So now I'm obsessed with finding a decent-priced 2 bedroom apartment, preferably not more expensive than $675 a month (including utilities).

Now that I've got that boring thing out of the way, let me start talking about my current, if not random, obsession: film cameras.

That's right. Cameras that use film *GASP*.

I think it started when my friend in my French class, Vivian, gave me her old point and shoot film camera. I was tickled pink since it'd been years since I've used one! granted, I haven't yet gone out to Allen's Photo to buy film, but it will happen! And then I was surfing Craigslist when I found a Nikon N70 SLR camera being sold with a nice lens for $200. Then I went onto Amazon, my next favorite place to dream of buying things. Usually I look at DSLR cameras on amazon, dreaming of the day when I can buy my own (preferably a Canon 60D, but if a girl really wants to dream it would be the new Nikon D800 because 36.6 megapixels is just too good to be true), but this time I started looking up 35mm SLR cameras. And they ended up being cheap! Affordable! And the idea of having that cartridge in my hand, turning it into the 1-hour photo, and then physically holding those pictures in my hand was just so tantalizing to me.

This inspired an email to my mom about her old film camera. I was curious as to the make so that I could amazon it and get a replica, but she's volunteering to send it out to me! And so that has inspired a project over the summer: use up a minimum of 1 color and 1 black and white roll of film a month. I don't know how much film goes for nowadays, but that plus the 1-hour photo costs could be above what I'd want to spend, so I decided on that small goal, though I know that I'll want to take as many as possible. But this could be a good exercise for me. Since switching to digital, I've become quite the shutterbug. There are not repercussions for taking TOO many photos on digital. But with film, you have to treat it differently: each shot has to have a purpose, meaning, good composition and light-balance. I feel that once I have that film camera in my hand and the film loaded, that I'll see things differently and notice the things that are most important to me.

At least, that's my hope. I can't wait until this project starts. I'm anxious to see how BAD I am at first, but then see the improvements!

Also, I may or may not be inspired by this blog (click to go to her collections post!) to start collecting vintage cameras, just for funsies.

So that is the apartment situation and my random obsession situation.

I had a request to know what happened with the producer position I applied for. I didn't get it, but you know what, I am actually relieved. They couldn't promise me more hours or a job after December, and so I was super relieved that they didn't want to hire me because I hate saying no to job opportunities. Tomorrow I have my second interview with the OIT office at BYU (the first guy referred me to this other person in the department), though I doubt I'll get that one. I'm really not that great with computers and networking and all that jazz, so I'm not getting my hopes up. No other major jobs have really cropped up, but I'm positive I'll let you all know if anything develops in April.

Goodnight, folks. Marriage has made it so that I'm tired by 9:30pm but won't admit I want to go to bed until 10:30 so I seem more like a college student and less like a 76 year old fart.


Mariah said...

Good luck at your interview tomorrow! :) And did you check out Harmony Square??

Peeser said...

Yes. Wednesday IS spelled funny- if you compare it to the way most people say it. However, if more people said it correctly (i.e. pronouncing all the syllables), I don't think the spelling would seem so funny.

Moving on.

I think at some point, as part of this experimental film camera project (which I LOVE, by the way!), you should learn the art of developing your own film. Seriously. I know, it may not happen this year or the next, but I think withing the next few years, you should try to find someone who can teach you how to develop film in a darkroom. Even if it ends up being too expensive to do on a regular basis (I'm sure the chemicals can get pretty pricey), I think it would be so cool for you to at least have the know how.

Good luck!