Friday, April 6, 2012

Shameless Plug

Today, I woke up and found this video on my news feed on Facebook:

I was raised in a home where I knew that my faith wasn't 100% with homosexuals, but my parents never ever EVER taught me to hate or turn my nose up at people who were gay. I lived in a moderately liberal town for most of my life and so was surrounded by individuals who would come out and admit their sexual orientation. I have friends who are gay and relatives who are gay. So when I would, on the rare occasion, encounter homophobic individuals in my hometown, my new place of living and amongst my own peers in my religion, it was a little bit shocking. It is also shocking to see and hear on the news certain religions claiming that God hates anyone who is gay. It just makes me sad.

So to see BYU, a school seen by many to be full of those Mormon freaks who hate "the gays" and all sorts of obnoxious pre-conceived notions and assumptions, put out a video like this, it is such a relief in my heart to finally have video proof that we, the LDS faith, do not hate gay people. There are gay mormons in the world! Fancy that!

One of the people in the video is a classmate (and good acquaintance) of mine and he frequently talks about how amazing his mission was and he will talk about the truth of the gospel and I love that he is able to embrace the gospel and his sexuality at the same time.

These people, though, have a long journey up ahead of them. I'm struggling to see how it "gets better" but I guess if they're confident that it will, then I am too.

This post is fairly short because all I really want to do is promote this amazing video and the amazing souls who bear their testimonies and pour their souls out for the world to see. I love the honesty and the earnestness in each of their faces. It's absolutely touching.

Tomorrow is a busy day: going to the Museum of Art on campus tomorrow morning, Mariah is having her bridal shower in the afternoon, and me and Ryan have tickets to see a showing of the BYU Final Cut Film Festival (which I did not enter this year. Maybe next!). It promises to be an amazing day (maybe I'll finish clothes shopping, and possibly clean the apartment), and I hope you all have a great night/day!


Peeser said...

Overall, I'd agree that this is a video that shows promise with regards to how LGBT students are treated by the LDS community, specifically on the BYU campus.

My one concern is that it seems to be saying that it is okay to be gay.

God still loves those that are gay. Christ still loves those that are gay. We should follow suit and still show love and kindness to those that are gay.

But it is still against God's law to act on those tendencies/feelings. It is still a choice that should not be condoned.

That does NOT mean we reject them as people. It does NOT mean we are not supportive of the struggles they have to deal with daily. It does NOT mean we show anything less than true, Christ-like love to them, even if they DO act on those tendencies/feelings.

But it still is not in keeping with eternal truths and commandments, and I worry that this video gives the impression that the LDS church is okay with homosexuality when, as a practice, it is not okay.

I still appreciate your post, and I think you treated this very difficult topic with respect and consideration. Thank you.

Ellaniemae said...

What a powerful video! Thanks for sharing...

Kirsti said...

I'm fairly certain that they aren't saying that they are going to be active and practicing gay people. I debated blogging about my feelings towards their struggles, but felt that I could possibly incriminate myself if I said something without careful consideration.

I think what this community at BYU is for is to help each other stay strong in not succumbing to their temptations. Kind of like an AA group, except the temptation is a lot different and harder to work with. I really want to join the group and be a straight ally and to see what really is going on in the group.

Peeser said...

I thought about that, Kirsti- and I hoped that that is what they were going for, but it was unclear enough that I felt I needed to say something. It IS a struggle, and I hope this group is more like a support group like AA, as you mentioned. Certainly, I feel they need to be supported in such a struggle. I know it can't be easy. But it is important that they don't succumb to temptation.

And I hope it is clear that I appreciate what you are trying to do with this post. I think it was well stated on your part.

Ellaniemae said...

I saw this article today:

It sheds a little more light on the subject.

Julina said...

I saw this a couple of days ago and was going to ask if you'd seen it/talk to you about it, but hadn't gotten around to it yet - I wondered if you'd be a straight ally (why does that word look weird?) or already were. I was left feeling overall uplifted by the video - I was kind of afraid it was going to be BYU bashing, which doesn't work anymore than the other way around. I was also struck by the one who said that he wasn't actually sure it *does* get better, but he believes others when they tell him it does.

As to your discussion with Elise, I think the biggest point for me is that the law of chastity has no double standard, and as long as you live it (and keep the other commandments), you're worthy to go to the temple. If you don't, you need to repent.