Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My lovely new gift(s)

My sister, Sarah, decided that she wanted to give me some gifts this past week. It may or may not have been because she didn't give me anything for my birthday. Since I've been living in Utah, though, I really don't expect any kind of gifts from people who aren't in the vicinity, so it wasn't something I was holding against my sister for these four months.

I was delighted when I got the two packages in the mail! Both gifts came from Etsy, and both were beautiful and unique jewelry.

The first of the two arrived on Saturday.

Two lovely pendants! I wore one of them on Sunday. Now all I need to find are some permanent chains that they can be attached to some time soon...

The second came today.

And I am still wearing it. In fact, this evening when we were showing a couple the apartment, I had it on and kept gesturing with my hand and I felt slightly pretentious having such a large and glorious ring on my finger. I may or may not be wearing this ring daily. I feel like an elf in Lord of the Rings!

Anyways, I am so delighted by my new jewelry! Thank you so much, sis!

Also, Ryan got sorted into Pottermore today. He's a Slytherin. I am kinda sorta plotting a way to commandeer his username...

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Ellaniemae said...

Oooohhhh, that ring is so pretty! Happy belated birthday!

(How ironic that you blogged about it on the anniversary of your birthday...)