Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Lovely Spring Saturday

Today was a freaking busy day.

It started off with me and Ryan relaxing and watching "Scrubs" in our jammies while the breakfast/coffee cake we whipped up baked in the oven. We took our time getting ready and ended up not going to the Museum of Art. This was partly because I lacked the initiative to clap my hands and get our butts off the couch and into decent clothes since we were both so cozy in our pajamas and enjoying the lazy morning. So that didn't happen.

I got myself ready by noon and was out the door and shopping for groceries by 1pm. I came back, we did laundry and we dyed eggs! I hard-boiled them yesterday evening and had them chill all night/morning so that they'd be ready for dyeing. Here is some lovely photo evidence of such events.

Overall it was a blast from the past since I hadn't dyed eggs in YEARS. Apparently, there is a specific system as to how you actually boil the suckers because we've eaten a few and they are slightly underdone: the yoke is still QUITE yellow. But they're still delicious and we love having boiled eggs around for snacks!

After all of that occurred, it was time to attend my oldest friend Mariah's bridal shower. She is getting married two weeks from today and I can't be anymore excited for her! She totally deserves marriage (more than I did since she's gone through many more boyfriends than I ever did), and I know that she will love every minute of it! It was a lot of fun to spend time with her and Leigh, another good friend of mine, and some of their friends from the ward and other parts of life. Again, here is some photo evidence that I actually did something with people other than myself or Ryan.

Mariah has a mouth full of gum: she participated in a "Newlyweds" type of game where she had to guess how her fiancé would answer certain questions. Each one she answered wrong she had to put a piece of bubblegum in her mouth. Needless to say, her mouth was VERY full by the end.

 The wrappers by the end of it all.

 These eggs were full of topics in which each of us would give advice about to Mariah. I got "Yard" and I wasn't sure what to really say except "Well, you won't have one!"

 Mariah holding up my gift to her. I have her a book about marriage that greatly helped me and Ryan when we were still engaged.

 Another gift!

 The contents of another gift. Gotta love lotion!

It was great to have some girl time and to talk with people about the joys of marriage!

After that happened, it was time for me and Ryan to head to the Final Cut Film Festival at BYU. It was completely AMAZING! We only got to see the the A-group of movies (there were the A and B groups) but I was pleased with all of the films we saw! The best one, "Mr.Bellpond", has recently won Student Emmys which is a pretty big deal! And it also won the Audience Award at Final Cut and the Best of the Fest award. It was stupendous and I wish there was a way for you all to see it as well!

Anyways, so here we are after it all, me writing this blog/doing homework and Ryan surfing the interwebz/looking up new DS games worth buying. He just got 3 in the mail today that he ordered last week, so he should be set for at least a month. That boy loves himself some awesome games.

I should probably wrap this post up. We're getting tired and I want to make sure I get plenty of time to sleep as I'm going to take 2 benadryls and who knows how long that will knock me out. Darn seasonal allergies!


Julina said...

The eggs look lovely - great color. Sorry to hear they weren't quite done to perfection. And congrats to Mariah (:

Peeser said...

Sounds like such a lovely day!

And yay for Mariah! That is so awesome for her! I hope everything goes well! :)

(I do want to point out, though, that while I know she is so deserving of marriage, it is because she is a great person, not because of the number of boyfriends she has had. I know what you were trying to say and that you didn't mean anything bad by it, but keep in mind that by such logic, I would therefore be one of the most undeserving people of all for marriage, since I have never had a single boyfriend...)