Thursday, April 12, 2012


We've officially found a new apartment!

Today, we had an appointment to go see an apartment at 5:30 this evening. This apartment was in the same complex as another apartment I wanted to go see but before I could the owner texted me informing me that she had already sold the contract. So I cursed my bad luck and tried, unsuccessfully, to make appointments and see other apartments. But then, today, as I was distracting myself from editing, I saw an apartment with two bedrooms and seemingly decent amenities for a good price, and so I jumped on it.

When we went to go see it, I noticed that it was in the middle of a quiet neighborhood, not at the intersection of two busy streets (like where we live now, though it's not too noisy despite that). The couple showing us the apartment was nice and very personable, and the whole apartment was more open and better proportioned than our current apartment! Open kitchen with a pantry, open living room with lots of space, a nice-sized master bedroom with three spacious closets, and a smaller room that will easily fit two desks and anything else we need to fit in there (bikes, perhaps), and that room has three closets as well.

After taking the tour and asking all the questions we needed to ask, I said that we wanted it and they said we could move in as early as April 22-23 and as late as May 1st. We definitely will be using the latter date since we now need as much time as possible to sell our own contract.

So that is the difficulty: selling our current contract in two-three weeks, otherwise we'll end up having to pay for rent each month it doesn't sell until July. I'm not exactly anxious to be doing that.

Anyways, that's all for the update. Tomorrow, I'll hopefully find out if I got the job at the production unit at the library. I'm kinda crossing my fingers for this one.


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