Sunday, April 1, 2012

BEDA attempt

I have a couple of people I follow on Twitter who do this thing called "Vlog Every Day in April" or VEDA, and they'll post some fun, quirky vlogs each day in April, or attempt a daily thing. Well, this is my attempt to BLOG every day in April. Because this is a daily thing, it could end up being spontaneous, maybe deep and moving, maybe irritated and wishing things were moving along the way I want.

So here is my first. Today, I sat and watched General Conference for most of the day. In between sessions at noon, me and my husband rushed into our church building and quickly got our Ecclesiastical Endorsements for the upcoming school year so we could register for class. For those who don't know, an Ecclesiastical Endorsement is the tedious process in which you go in and talk to your bishop (or church leader for non-LDS folk) and agree to follow the honor code and all that jazz. If you want more info on the honor code...just google it or something. AAAAnyways, we were able to sneak our appointments in. So, YAY! I was able to register for classes this afternoon (when I should've on Thursday but completely forgot about the whole endorsement dealio...whoops. Is this getting confusing?!) and so now I'm in three film classes and two general education classes, 15 credits total. Hooray. Moving on.

Let's see, what else did I do? Well, after all that, we watched some more conference and then before dinner me and Ryan's sister, Stephanie, did some more filming for this documentary that I'm working on. She's REALLY good at getting fantastic footage, but I was grateful she trusted me with her camera this time and I was able to get a few shots, just to see how I liked Nikon cameras. And they're pretty good, but I still think that if I were to get a DSLR for myself, I'd get a Canon. Just sayin'.

This is becoming so disorganized. But that is exactly how I feel. We're nearing the end of the semester and I have two papers due this coming week, a rough cut of my doc due, a French test, and making sure I stay healthy and pay enough attention to my husband...But I'm ready for the challenge. I'm not having nearly as many troubles at this point in the semester as I normally have had in the past, where I'm burnt out and ready for summer and all of those types of feelings. I think it's because all three of my classes are things that I love: doc history, doc production, and French. Life is chaotic, but right now I feel good where I'm at. There are no major complaints except that I wish I had a better job, more time to work out, more time to travel, more money to move into a nicer apartment, and maybe time to spend with friends.

Anyways, I should stop this rant. It's getting long. I was going to show you a quick video of some of my footage, but it's bed time and I can't wait up for it to finish uploading. Ugh. Some other day.

Day one, over.

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