Saturday, April 14, 2012

The apartment we're leaving behind

I debated for a whole five minutes on what I was going to write tonight. I'm not sure if I ever truly blogged about the apartment me and Ryan moved into when we first got married, but since we'll be leaving this place in a couple of weeks now, I think it's appropriate to blog about it now.

This is our living room. I spend most of my time here when I'm not asleep. My computer is usually sitting on the coffee table and currently I'm sitting in the middle of the couch, my feet are propped up on the coffee table and my laptop is on my lap with my phone charging by my side. Notice the crooked sign above our door?

This is where Ryan spends most of his time in the apartment when HE'S awake. Once we have possession of my grandma's desk, that one there will be mine. I'm not sure WHY he gets to have the better of the two desks seeing as the desk belonged to MY grandma. But I have a feeling he'd silently cry about it if I forced him to keep his old desk. And there's the lone bookshelf we own that barely fits part of our book collections. Ryan still has some books at home and I, too, have books at home. One day, we'll have many bookshelves with DVDs and books!

The kitchen. It hardly fits the both of us. There isn't a pantry, which is kind of unfortunate, so we've been using the top of our fridge to hold our bread, cereal, and ramen, things we use often enough or things that won't fit nicely into the cupboards. The stove/oven isn't the NICEST thing around, but its gas, which I love! We also love the toaster oven at the very end of the left-side counter. It's kinda finicky and will burn the edges of your toast if you're not careful, but it's been fun having it!

This is our wimpy space between the kitchen and bathroom. Somehow we manage to fit a dinky table with two chairs in it. We've decided to find a table/chairs set that has 4 chairs so that if we so wanted to entertain guests, it would be possible. We used to sit here often for dinner but now we just sit at our coffee table and watch "Scrubs" while eating dinner. Sometimes we'll have a nice table dinner or breakfast, but for now we're addicted to "Scrubs" and enjoy eating and watching together.

Here is our teeny tiny bathroom. I love our shower curtains and the window that lets in natural light while I'm showering/putting on make-up (don't worry, you're not able to actually see through it so our privacy is still secure). The apartment we will be moving into has two sinks, something I've VERY much looking forward to. And it's slightly more roomy, though the toilet is still squished in the corner of the bathroom. Small price to pay for a nice two-bedroom apartment, though.

Ah, the bedroom. This is my favorite room. It's the one that stays the coolest because we have a box fan running at all times (sometimes it sits in the window, sometimes it doesn't). Its big, peaceful, and there's a cushy rocking chair in it, you can barely make out the corner of it. Like the Asian artifacts on the walls? Thank Ryan for those little pieces of awesomeness. There's a lamp in the corner, unplugged. We have yet to find me a bedside table for my side, and when we do, that lamp will go there. For now, though, Ryan controls the light before we go to bed. And that's okay for the time being.

Anyways, that's it for the tour. I will definitely miss the large bedroom. The one we're moving into isn't nearly this big, but it'll fit our bed and our dressers and it will serve its purpose. Plus, it'll be nice having the other bedroom for our desks and studying!

This apartment has really been a great place for the first few months of our marriage. Sure, it had it's quirks, but I will miss them all, except maybe how it gets super hot in the apartment and we need to prop our box fan in the window to stay cool, even during the winter. It's a little bittersweet to say goodbye to our first place as a married couple. But I'm excited for the adventures up ahead in our new apartment and the amazing houses around the complex we're moving into! I've already cooed after a couple on the drive to and from. It's right in the middle of the area of Provo I love the most and would love to live in because the houses are so old and cool!

Well, that's it for tonight. Soon, me and Ryan will retire to our bedroom where we will prop the fan in the window, fold down the bed sheets, snuggle into the bed, and fall asleep. 



Peeser said...

Well, now I know what I should (FINALLY) get you two as a wedding present... (Yeah, ignore the fact that I still haven't gotten you one 8 months after the wedding.) The only question is, should I wait until after you move to have a bookshelf shipped to you? Or would you rather have it now? (Ima guess the former, but it will be your bookshelf, so you get to decide.)

Now, I can't wait until we get to see pictures of the new apartment!

Kirsti said...

Yeah, we'll definitely want it later! And we're actually inheriting some of grandma's bookshelves so we may be good on the bookshelf front. We'll definitely let you know when everything is in place whether or not we still need bookshelf space!

Jeanne Lambson said...

I am jealous that you will have a double sink in your new bathroom and I am glad you have decided that is is good to entertain guests enough to want a table with four chairs!