Monday, March 19, 2012

The Past Hour

Tonight, during this past hour, I have had many things happen all at once that I feel are so cosmic that it's beyond coincidence.

I may be exaggerating a bit, but let me explain.

As I was doing my French homework, I realized that I hadn't checked the BYU student jobs website today to see if anything posted that would be worth submitting a resume or sending an inquiring email. Why am I looking for a job, you ask? Well, allow me to digress from my original explanation to give another explanation. The job I have now is fantastic. I am gaining so much knowledge in formal lighting and studio work and I love my co-workers and my boss. But it it not the job I was hoping for. The hours aren't consistent and thus I am in the same pinch I found myself when I first accepted the job I have now. Do you follow? Great. Then I shall return to my first explanation.

So, I left off with me checking the BYU jobs website. I scroll down, seeing the usual "accountant" and "web developer" jobs that are always, eternally there, but then I see the words "producer" and "assistant" and I click on the posting to read more into it. It's a job at BYU Broadcasting in which you would be an assistant producer, churning out television programs and assisting the full-time producers! If I were to work in one of two departments at BYUB, it would be 1) editing or 2) producing! This was right up my alley! (SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!)

They asked for a resume and a sample of writing and to send it to a specific email address. I stopped thinking about doing my French homework and started thinking about where I had a resume stored. The last time that resume was updated was right before I got hired by my current job. So it needed an overhaul. I completely remade my resume, tweaking here and there, and after 20 minutes I had it ready. I attached it in the email along with well-chosen words of professionalism and also included a link to a blogpost I'd written in my review blog (Witty Title Pending). After I hit send, my heartbeat slowed down and I started dreaming about a consistent job where I'd be doing things that would continue my experience in the film/television world.

After that, I submitted my shiny new resume to another job (its data entry, not luxurious but it looked like it'd be consistent and a good fall-back if everything else fails).

But what I'm getting at is that I think my prayers are finally being answered! For two long years, I have been striving for a consistent, well-paying job that can pay for college, housing, and food and it's been tough. I've had jobs, yes, but they've all been inconsistent and I've had to rely on (first) my parents and now my husband to help me get by. But maybe, just MAYBE, this will be it. Maybe the employer will see my amazing resume full of experience and will decide I'm perfect for the job and maybe it will solve all of my problems I've experienced in the past. Maybe then me and Ryan can seriously consider moving out and into the same complex as my good friend who's getting married this April. The future is full of maybe's, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Oh, and there was another fun "cosmic" thing that occurred. After all of this job-hunting, I decided to pin down my upcoming semesters. So I started planning for Fall this year. And all the classes I wanted to take fell PERFECTLY in line with one another, even the obscure time ones, and now I've got an immaculate (if not completely full) schedule where I have a wonderful block of time carved out in the mornings for work (8-noon each day!) and tons of fun school in the afternoons and evenings. I love it when my semester works out like that!


Peeser said...

I wish you the best of luck with the first job (though as you said, at least the second sounds like it would help you meet your needs, so it wouldn't be bad, per se...)

Good luck with the rest of this semester, and I hope you really enjoy the next one!

(Don't forget to actually finish your French homework! ;)

Beckie said...

Haha...I like Elise's comment to finish your French homework. Also, resumes done in 20 minutes? Color me impressed and color you doing my resume for me later.

Best wishes on all of it!!

Ellaniemae said...

I know how frustrating finances can be; I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor for the perfect job. Would you prefer editing or producing?

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Will continue to remember you in my prayers.