Monday, March 19, 2012

The Past Hour

Tonight, during this past hour, I have had many things happen all at once that I feel are so cosmic that it's beyond coincidence.

I may be exaggerating a bit, but let me explain.

As I was doing my French homework, I realized that I hadn't checked the BYU student jobs website today to see if anything posted that would be worth submitting a resume or sending an inquiring email. Why am I looking for a job, you ask? Well, allow me to digress from my original explanation to give another explanation. The job I have now is fantastic. I am gaining so much knowledge in formal lighting and studio work and I love my co-workers and my boss. But it it not the job I was hoping for. The hours aren't consistent and thus I am in the same pinch I found myself when I first accepted the job I have now. Do you follow? Great. Then I shall return to my first explanation.

So, I left off with me checking the BYU jobs website. I scroll down, seeing the usual "accountant" and "web developer" jobs that are always, eternally there, but then I see the words "producer" and "assistant" and I click on the posting to read more into it. It's a job at BYU Broadcasting in which you would be an assistant producer, churning out television programs and assisting the full-time producers! If I were to work in one of two departments at BYUB, it would be 1) editing or 2) producing! This was right up my alley! (SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!)

They asked for a resume and a sample of writing and to send it to a specific email address. I stopped thinking about doing my French homework and started thinking about where I had a resume stored. The last time that resume was updated was right before I got hired by my current job. So it needed an overhaul. I completely remade my resume, tweaking here and there, and after 20 minutes I had it ready. I attached it in the email along with well-chosen words of professionalism and also included a link to a blogpost I'd written in my review blog (Witty Title Pending). After I hit send, my heartbeat slowed down and I started dreaming about a consistent job where I'd be doing things that would continue my experience in the film/television world.

After that, I submitted my shiny new resume to another job (its data entry, not luxurious but it looked like it'd be consistent and a good fall-back if everything else fails).

But what I'm getting at is that I think my prayers are finally being answered! For two long years, I have been striving for a consistent, well-paying job that can pay for college, housing, and food and it's been tough. I've had jobs, yes, but they've all been inconsistent and I've had to rely on (first) my parents and now my husband to help me get by. But maybe, just MAYBE, this will be it. Maybe the employer will see my amazing resume full of experience and will decide I'm perfect for the job and maybe it will solve all of my problems I've experienced in the past. Maybe then me and Ryan can seriously consider moving out and into the same complex as my good friend who's getting married this April. The future is full of maybe's, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Oh, and there was another fun "cosmic" thing that occurred. After all of this job-hunting, I decided to pin down my upcoming semesters. So I started planning for Fall this year. And all the classes I wanted to take fell PERFECTLY in line with one another, even the obscure time ones, and now I've got an immaculate (if not completely full) schedule where I have a wonderful block of time carved out in the mornings for work (8-noon each day!) and tons of fun school in the afternoons and evenings. I love it when my semester works out like that!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Valentine's Day and 7 Months

Okay, after this blog post I think I'm going to stop trying to catch you up on my life and instead use this blog to post WHATEVER I want without feeling guilty. So HA! The reason behind this decision is because of the cruel cycle that is created every time I forget to blog for the week.

Step 1
-I blog and catch everyone up on the events of our life. Yay!

Step 2
-a week passes and some fun events have occurred. But I'm having too much fun to blog. Oh well. Next week.

Step 3
-Now it's been two weeks. More events have happened, but life is too busy and/or you don't care enough to blog about it just yet. Maybe next week...?

Step 4
-Okay, it's now been 3 weeks since the last blog post and the idea of catching everyone up is so overwhelming that I drown myself in episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" and read/nap.

Step 5
-Forces self to blog about silly events from a month ago, when I'd rather talk about some ridiculous revelation from today or something poignant that's occurred but isn't directly related to the events of my life.

So now, instead of feeling guilt-tripped into making sure my family feels up-to-date with me, I will blog whatever I want! And I know I had the capacity to do such a thing before and that the guilt is obviously self-inflicted, but I feel better blaming someone else for my troubles.

Today, though, I will attempt to talk about some major events in my life. This past Valentine's Day marks the first one I've spent actually dating someone steady AND my first one I spent married! Two birds with one stone! Ryan isn't the most ROMANTIC man ever, but he made sure to make a reservation to a mystery restaurant and we both decided to get each other fun gifts, un-chocolate related.

That night, I had my Avid editing final from 6-7ish and so I was stressing for most of the day. The night before we had written each other letters about how amazing each other is and then we read them that morning. Because this was provoked by me, mine was cheesy and long and gross and emotional, but Ryan loved it. Ryan's was short, sweet, and I cherish his notes (he's written at least 2-3 since we started dating). So that was a nice talisman I kept with me while I was stressing. Finally, it was time for the test. I told Ryan to pick me up afterwards and we'd head directly to the restaurant. I thought the final would take no time.

But I was struggling to remember certain things. I wasn't editing this piece of film the way I wanted and the way my instructor wanted. But the reservation was for 7:30 and there was no way I was going to miss it. So when it came to the end (it was 7:17) I just hurriedly finished it up and gave him my finished product and Ryan was waiting outside in the car. I ran to it so that we wouldn't be late.

When I opened the passenger door, I was greeted by a spiffed-up Ryan holding a bouquet of Gerbera daisies, smelling wonderful, and playing music from his playlist he made in honor of me when we dated (it's the 21st century mix-tape). I almost cried I was so happy, even though I was expecting it. Then we headed to the restaurant. He chose La Jolla Groves, a favorite of ours, located in the Riverwoods Shopping area. The food was wonderful, the flowers perfect, and I couldn't stop smiling. Overall it was a fantastic Valentine's Day despite my test, and I am so happy I got to spend it with my eternal companion, and not just a computer screen full of sub clips and dissolve effects. Ugh.

I guess I should also mention that the Saturday before, our stake held a Valentine's Dance. This was a first for both of us, and it was interesting to see everyone betrothed to someone, and the dance floor was way crowded! And they didn't even play slow songs! What the heck?! So me and the mister hovered around the chocolate fondue fountain and ate chocolates covered strawberries, bananas, short cake, and pretzels to our hearts' content. And we took advantage of the "photo booth" they had. Check it out!
We acted silly first. Ryan was weirded out that I wanted a mustache too. Uh, yeah, of COURSE I want a mustache.

 Then we took a cute, serious photo. Facebook profile picture perfection! 

So there you have it. Our weekend/Valentine's Day was fantastic and I'm still amazed that I am living this life. It's a great life, not gonna lie.

And briefly, updates on non-cheesy romantic stuff:
-School is going great. Ryan is excelling at Computer Science and I am loving French and Film. Maybe I'll make a French Film!
-Ryan got a haircut. But not from me. I sent him to the BYU barber and he got a very nice cut indeed (this was after the pictures above, where he is quite shaggy)
-We filed our taxes and we are getting a nice return which will be spent on an iPod nano watch for Ryan and either a nice shopping spree for me or saving up for a DSLR camera.
-I'm contemplating getting short bangs again. Yeah or Nay?

And that's it for now!