Friday, January 27, 2012

The Beginning of 2012

Hey folks! I haven't posted something since 2011! Woah!

Okay, so I'm really not a big fan of those jokes in the first place, and I can't believe I stooped so low as to make one myself. But onto the actual reason for this blog post.

Since I've last blogged, a New Years celebration has occurred, school has started, and yes, I have had a birthday, along with my dad.

New Years Eve, I felt like taking a little adventure to the duck pond we used to frequent all the time when we were dating over the summer. The pond was frozen and there were very few ducks but it was fun experience nonetheless and the weather wasn't too cold that it was unbearable to be outside. We got to feed some of the sparse ducks the rest of our bread loaf as well!
 Ryan looking guilty for standing out on the ice. I was convinced he'd break it but once I stood on it, I realized it was QUITE solid.
 The Provo River (more like a creek, in my opinion)
 Almost sunset in the area. This is our favorite tree we would sit under and watch the pond or cuddle discretely.
I think Ryan's doing something with his phone? Not sure, but I felt a need to take a picture of him anyways.

It was fun to visit the duck pond again after not seeing it since we were dating. I wish we lived closer to this pond or lived closer to a new fun pond so that we could visit it as frequently as we visited this one.

After our pond visit, I made a batch of some spinach and artichoke dip (a Lambson family favorite) and brought it over to Ryan's uncle's house and celebrated for a short time with his family. It was a lot of fun and lots of good food! Then we headed home and had a humble, simple celebration in which we fell asleep during the movie we were trying to watch and then rang in the new year playing Harry Potter Lego on the Wii.

After all that, we spent the remainder of our break enjoying the time off and getting ready for the new semester. I have a fairly easy semester ahead of me. Here is my schedule:

French 201-12:00-12:50pm
TMA 273 (Documentary Production 1)-1:00-3:50pm (usually, we end at 2:50 unless we need the extra time)

TMA 293 (Documentary History)-8:30-10:50am
French 201-12:00-12:50pm
TMA 384R (Avid Editing 1)-6:00-8:50pm

French 201-12:00-12:50pm
TMA 273-1:00-3:50pm (same thing here, usually it's just two hours, not three)

TMA 293-8:30-10:50am
French 201-12:00-12:50pm

French 201-12:00-12:50pm

I LOVE my schedule. On mornings where I don't work Mon/Wed/Fri, I get a nice, pampered morning where I drop off Ryan at his 8am math class and then I come home, work out, shower, and take the morning for myself to rejuvenate my spirit and maybe do some homework. But mostly, I just catch up on my shows and enjoy having the morning to myself. But when I actually get to work, that's also nice because, hey, making money is AWESOME. 

Fridays I only have one class (as does Ryan) and once my evening class is over in February, I'll have even more time to work, assuming things pick up there. I'm considering finding another job or replacing my job there with something more consistent. The hours that they thought I'd be able to have are disappearing as shows are put on hold or are on break. I love my job there, but I need something more consistent that will give me the hours and the money that me and Ryan need to make it through college. I'm hoping I can find a job in post-production, preferably editing, where I can really practice techniques I'll need and use in the real world. Not to mention, I want to be an editor in the film industry.

Ryan's schedule this semester is also light on credit hours, but he's got a full load. Both his computer science class and math class have demanding homework assignments that have him working tirelessly in the math and computer science labs, getting help and trying to finish them on time. So whenever he has free-time at home, I try and make sure he gets plenty of time for himself so that he can recharge and not feel so overwhelmed. We still get some time on the weekends for each other but during the week, the free time we have is for ourselves for the most part.

The weekend of my birthday was a lot of fun! Ryan's family decided to have a birthday dinner for me the sunday before the actual day and we enjoyed a delicious meal of tri-tip beef (grilled by Ryan's dad), a delicious broccoli and cauliflower medley, twice-baked potatoes, and a fantastic chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse and sprinkled with Heath bar bits. It was delicious and the company was fantastic! I got some fun gifts, such as all the seasons of Gilmore Girls(!) from Ryan's family, and new pretty wallet from Ryan and some gorgeous earrings, some DVDs from my parents, and a gift card from Melanie to Target, a new book from Juli, and various cards and well-wishes from the rest of my family/friends. 

Monday, the day before my birthday, me and Ryan celebrated the day off (and my birthday) by going to Texas Roadhouse. It was INSANELY busy when we arrived and we were grateful we were only a party of two, which makes it quicker than if we were a bigger party like most of the groups there. It was loud, rowdy, and full of (fake) blondes with tan jobs and large, football-player type men. Talk about living up to the stereotype, people. But, it was delicious! The rolls were succulent, the ribs were amazing, my sirloin steak was wonderful, Ryan's barbecue chicken was fantastic...I loved it all! We were so full by the end that we didn't try any of the desserts, but believe me, if we hadn't been full, I would've been all over the dessert menu.

 Some of the food (Mainly my plate)
 Ryan enjoying the food he's consumed. He gets very happy after he's eaten a good portion of delicious food.
More of my plate of food. The ribs were SO good!

We finished off the evening by watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. 

I would say that just about wraps up all of the big events of the year so far. Tomorrow, we're headed up to Park City to check out the festivities going on at the Sundance Film Festival. Again, I forgot to buy tickets to some films, so we're gonna try and wait list on a film or two. If we don't succeed, we'll at least eat at a delicious restaurant, take a Ghost Tour, and have a grand ol' time up in Historic Main Street. LOVE IT!

Until next time!

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Sarah Lambson said...

First off, Jealous of Sundance.

Secondly, jealous of you LIFE

Third-Apparently 2012 is NOT the year I have decided to be on time for birthday presents/cards. It's coming, I promise (now that I am getting regular pay checks and all...)