Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beehive Stories

okay, I know I just posted a blog not too long ago, but that was before I attended the screening tonight of a project my professor and filmmaker, Brad Barber, has been working on and is still working on called "The Beehive Stories". It's a project in which film students and Brad go to every single county in Utah and film a story there about a person, profession, just different lives that exist in this diverse state. We screened 5 of the potential 29 short documentaries that are no more than 10 minutes a piece and they were simply gorgeous. The soundtrack was originally scored by a brilliant musician and they all look professionally done.

So here is my shameless plug to promote these fantastic bits of life in and around Utah: Go there to watch all of the previous episodes. But if you want to see the ones I saw tonight on TV (they aren't on the website yet), each of the new 5 episodes will be airing on KBYU next week, Monday through Friday at 6:50pm MST, each day showing a different episode. I recommend watching the Wednesday and Thursday since those are my favorite episodes of those five.

I HIGHLY recommend you watch all of them. They are so simple and yet so wonderful and they've made me really appreciate my surroundings and how beautiful Utah truly is. Slowly but surely I had been discovering this by myself but these little vignettes have helped immensely in that appreciation.

Watch them! That is all.

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Julina said...

so which counties were your favorite Wed & Thurs episodes, since I'll have to watch them online...?