Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Unexpected Weekend

Wow, blog, it's been forever. A month to be exact. That day I last blogged about seems so far back in time.

We've been in school for a month now. I've worked, filmed, spoken more French in a week than I have in my whole high school career, and I've learned so much about myself since becoming a wife and about Ryan, the biggest thing that we are gonna have a blast while enduring for eternity. Our apartment is one of the major sources of my happiness, how it's becoming more and more what I want in a home, and how it's all of OUR things. I love that I can walk into my kitchen and use any of the things in there and not worry about treading on roommates' territories.

We both have a good sized chunk of homework each night, but I love more than anything when we can do our own things but be in the same room. I don't need him coddling me every second, it's absolutely perfect having him there when I want to chat with him briefly or take shot breaks and we spend a few moments on the couch, just relaxing.

But speaking of school, I have learned so much in my film classes. I am loving every single thing about them: all the practical filming techniques I get to learn and apply, all of the script analysis we're doing, the different narrative styles, and then actually making films and editing them. I have three of them on my list of things to accomplish: one is a silent horror film (1-3 min), one is an action film (2-3 min, and it features Ryan!), and the last is the biggest project so far, the silent documentary. I had to get 30-60 minutes of footage. I decided to film it at Menchie's since that was the easiest place to film a physical process with a clear beginning and ending and it could be silent.

When we turned the footage in and got them back, I was named by my film professor as one of four people who had footage that "blew him away". I was blushing beyond anything at that point. But it didn't end there: they proceeded to use just MY footage to show the class of about 25 people just how good it really was-all the clean entrances/exits, all of the shots and different angles that I got, etc. I was absolutely speechless. The flattery was too much at this point. You have to understand that this guy is a documentary filmmaker himself, and an accomplished editor, basically my role model. And he was complimenting me left and right. I was so pleased. I now know that I'm right where I need to be. They didn't take me into the major out of sympathy; they saw talent. For the first time ever, I feel really talented.

Another major boost that I got this week: I applied to a job at BYU Broadcasting to be a Production Assistant. I didn't hear back for about a week or so, and then I got an email saying that the supervisor (the one hiring) wanted to see me. So we had our interview last Tuesday and it was one of the most bizarre but entertaining experiences I've ever had. We went around the entire building, moving from studio to studio, and I talked to him while we moved. Then we sat down at a set with couches and had more of a heart to heart. I communicated all the important things, but because the spot was so competitive, I didn't think I'd hear back.

Thursday, I get a call. It's the supervisor (Steven is his name). He wants me to come in to fill out paperwork. "Basically," he said, "you got the job!" And that was that. I had gotten this amazing job where I'd be working on lighting, set design, and camera crew for BYU Broadcasting. This is exactly what I need to help me in my filmmaking career. And they want longevity. So if I like it, I'm staying there! I couldn't be MORE happy! So I quit Menchie's, am trying to quit concessions, and work fits my schedule so much better than Menchie's did. Plus, more money.

Now onto what I originally wanted to blog about: This weekend. It was Ryan's birthday and I had everything planned out: we'd have breakfast with Ryan's family, have the afternoon to catch up on laundry and cleaning, and then I made reservations at The Melting Pot, Ryan's favorite restaurant. It was going to go perfect. Except I didn't anticipate that me and Ryan might just be too lazy to do something fancy for dinner. So, instead we got carry-out food from The Bombay House, an Indian restaurant, made a fun little fort out of our bed sheet, turned out all the lights, lit the lantern my mom gave him for his birthday, and watched "Back to the Future" while eating the food.

The fort in our living room!

 Inside the fort/the lantern. It's hard to see, but we used my coat rack to hold it up and it gave us light in the fort.

 Chicken curry and Raj's Chicken. So delicious!

So, after that was finished, we decided to bust out our favorite appliance so far: the mini-cupcake maker. And we made a whole batch's worth of mini cupcakes in just candle/lantern light. When it comes to lighting, we are emergency-prepared!
 The 100-hour candles, plate of cooked cupcakes, the batter and the maker.

 We did a batch in the toaster oven. Not quite as moist and pretty as the others, but still worked!

 Another angle. Look at those flames!

Ryan's new lantern. (He LOVES it, Mom!)

We just learned about lighting in my film class, and now I know why this kind of lighting is so amazing. I really want to film a period piece just so I can use this gorgeous incandescent lighting!

So that night was unexpected, but a success.

Sunday was fantastic up until I decided to give Ryan a haircut.

 All of my materials! Eeeeek!

 The canvas that is Ryan's hair. It got pretty dang long.

Side view. He was really brave through the whole thing.

I wish I could say it went absolutely successfully. But...it didn't. I was so flustered that I left significant mistakes: chunks of longer hairs, no blending from the top of his head to the side, butchered the back of his neck, and terraced the top of his head. But, I know my mistakes. And next time (eeeeeek!) I'll be sure to be more calm. Ryan talked me through a lot of it, but the next time I think we'll have him sitting in front of a mirror so he can show me things and see what I'm doing since he actually knows a lot about cutting hair.

 The finished product. He got some hair pomade to make the uneven blending look a little less obvious. So the spikes aren't my mistakes necessarily, they're the stylings of Ryan.

The back of his head. Not perfect, but I just need some practice.

Thankfully, Ryan thinks its fine and isn't too vain when it comes to how his hair is, so I'll get plenty of practice in the future. He's a trooper!

And that's it for now. I've spent way too much time updating the blog and writing this post. I HOPE that I can update more often so that I don't have to spend so much time catching all of you up. But there you have it.


Peeser said...

You guys take "shot breaks"? I thought BYU was a very strict DRY campus... ;)

(Okay, okay- I knew what you meant.)

FANTASTIC on achieving such high praise in film class- I have no doubt it was totally deserved. I'm so proud of you. I wish I had something I felt truly talented at... right now, I still feel like I'm drifting. But I'm happy to hear you are doing well. Truly, the Lord is blessing you in so many ways for making the right decision with Ryan.

<3 you!

Sarah Lambson said...

I LOVE the new template!!! I know I already said that on Twitter, but I really do. It makes me want to change MINE to something new!

Also, his hair doesn't look THAT bad! Not as bad as Sadie's when I gave her a haircut for the first time!

I'm glad someone finally recognized that you are talented so that you can realize it for yourself! You rock my face off.

Jeanne Lambson said...

Great blog! Wahoo on your film class success. That is amazing. And, the haircut doesn't look bad. Ryan is a trooper to let you experiment on him. Way to go, Ryan.

Julina said...

My sister is validated - Woo hoo

And I love your low-key weekend together (OK, the haircut wasn't so low key).

Have an awesome follow-up week!