Friday, August 26, 2011

My New Life

So we are exactly three weeks from the day that I became sealed for time and all eternity to Ryan. And already I'm settling quite nicely into the life of a married person. My kitchen is well-stocked, thanks to all the wedding gifts (thank you note should be written soon!), our apartment feels like home, and it's a great feeling knowing that your best friend will always be there both physically and emotionally.

Just to reminisce, I feel like pointing out some of my favorite things about the wedding day:

-Once I was in the temple and getting dressed in the Bride's room, all the stresses of the day were gone and it was such an amazing experience to have both my mother and my oldest sister, Julina, help me get dressed.

-There was a moment when I was in the Celestial Room with Ryan before all the ceremonial things, and we were sitting, holding hands, and I felt so at peace with everything. I remember looking at him and seeing our entire future and that, for me, it couldn't be complete without him.

-The sealer told us after the sealing had been completed to take a mental picture. I still have it in my head.

-When I put on my actual wedding dress in the bride's room, there was a large mirror and I looked at myself, decked out in everything, and was amazed that I had made it here. That I had gotten married.

-When I walked out of the temple, there were two big hugs waiting for me from my adorable nephew and my even more enthusiastic cousin, who clung to me and wouldn't let go. That was one of the best moments of the day.

-All the pictures, food, celebrations were a complete blur that day. Other moments that stood out were the ones where I got to spend a few precious minutes conversing with my new husband, just commenting on the ease of the day and how beautiful everything seemed.

-The most tears that came out of my eyes was when me and Ryan had our dance. But it was still less than I could've let myself cry.

THANK you, again, to all those that made that day as easy as possible for me and Ryan. It could've been such a stress (and getting to the temple was pretty ridiculous), but I'm so glad that I have nothing but the fondest memories of that special day.

But since then, it's also been fairly easy going. There are things that we're learning about ourselves and how we live together, but even through those minor challenges I am still thankful for the covenant I made to my husband and to my Heavenly Father.

Okay, enough of the sappy stuff and onto all the things we've been doing around the apartment. This past week (since its our last week of freedom before school starts) I've caught a domestic bug. Tuesday, especially, I didn't want to do anything except to bake and cook. And that is EXACTLY what I did.

First up, home-made white bread.
This was my first experience making home-made bread. And it wasn't half bad. The first loaf was kinda small. I probably could've had it rise a little more, or maybe I kneaded the dough too much. But I hope to make homemade bread again in the near future. But maybe when it's Autumn and not quite so hot in our apartment. It was a miserable night that that evening after all my baking/cooking.

Then, while the bread was cooking, I decided to make chocolate chip cookies (I got the recipe from Ryan's uncle who makes amazing chocolate chip cookies every time we go to their house):

Notice all the new kitchen things in the picture? There are the black canisters that hold all my baking needs, a corner of our new knife block, our salt shaker and pepper grinder, the wedding guestbook pen and holder, the new Williams-Sonoma bowl(s) and spatula, and then beaters from our new hand mixer. Yep, we got lots of new stuff.

Anyways, the plan that we had for this cookie dough was to wrap it up in tin-foil tubes and freeze them. Then when we wanted to satisfy our sweet tooth, we could unwrap a bit, cut it up and make them in our new toaster oven (which we still need to figure out. They're really sensitive and you can burn things quite easily).

Here's Ryan wrapping them up now:

And, to finish it up, I made lasagna to go with the delicious home-made bread:

Overall, it was a delicious evening, if not a sweltering hot one. I think the next time I turn on the oven, it'll be winter, when our heat is on the fritz.

There are more pictures of our adventures, but blogger is slow in loading and I still need to shower/actually do stuff with my day.

But here is a picture (before and after) of my haircut that I got yesterday.

And that's all for now. Time to shower, get all cleaned up, and prepare for my first closing shift tonight at work. Which, I just found out, is probably going to be the norm since all my classes take up my mornings/afternoons. So I hope it's enjoyable or goes by fast because that's probably going to be the remainder of my working life this semester. Ugh. I'm trying to stay happy and optimistic. But I don't know if I can handle all my homework, AND working until late, AND supporting a new and still fragile marriage. This semester is going to be one of the toughest yet.


Ellaniemae said...

Way cute haircut!!!

Julina said...

love the hair. Wish I could have teleported to partake of that yummy looking meal!! Glad the bread turned out well. Glad you have such good memories (even the ride to the temple is a treasure for my memory, just because it was so ridiculous!). I am so grateful to have been part of your special day and treasure our moments of sisterhood during that madhouse few days. Talk to you soon (I hope - though between our schedules, that may not happen much...)

Love ya, sis

Sarah Lambson said...

You really are adorable. As I read your blog and chat with you on the phone I smile at this new and wonderful life that you are beginning.

Thanks for being such an awesome sister.

Love ya!