Monday, June 27, 2011

Moping and Coping

And hoping? Sloping? what else rhymes?

I'm already off-topic. This is proving to be an awesome blog post already.

Ryan is gone for the week. He and his family are on their annual Lake Powell trip that I could've attended had I not recently been employed by a place that is having all of their training on this very week. I'm trying not to be too angry with this place of work for that. This will be good for me. Not only will I be earning moneys, but I will see if the famous proverb "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is as true as it is over-used.

What's really interesting about this experience so far (it's been about 36 hours in this week-long parting) is that it's not as tough as I anticipated. I thought I would be inconsolably depressed and not motivated to do anything. But I think because I know he's out of reach and no amount of moping will get him back, it makes it easier to go about my day without really being effected too much. Sure, I have my moments where I stop doing what I'm supposed to be doing and look around and think about what I could be doing if I were down at the lake with him, but then I stop thinking about that and start reminding myself that in two short weeks we'll be traveling to Missouri and I'll have endless Ryan-time. In fact, I will spend a full 20 hours with him driving. That will be the longest, un-broken period of time we'll spend together before we're married. When I think of that week, it makes this week of being parted with him just a little more bearable. But only a little.

I've actually been quite productive today. I went grocery shopping for some items I needed, withdrew money for laundry, did my laundry, went and got my food handler's permit replaced so that I can give it to my new place of employment for their records, went to a food training session for BYU concessions, labeled 60 invitations (but there are 340 left...yikes), and even had time to spare to enjoy an episode of "Gilmore Girls" and spend some quality time with my roommate. So I can easily say that today was quite busy and I actually enjoyed the feeling of being busy. The rest of the week will probably feel the same since training starts tomorrow.

I'm sorry my blog has been boring as of late. I hope I'll have more to report in the future. I'm trying to bring my camera around when me and Ryan do things, but I forget to take pictures. Maybe I'll talk more about them tomorrow when I'm not so tired. But don't get your hopes up.

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