Monday, May 9, 2011

Two More Days...Day 29

I really don't want to go out and job hunt today. This cold that developed over the weekend is not something I'm enjoying. It's making my head all foggy, my nose all runny, and in general my energy level isn't as high as I'd like it to be. I might call Denny's to set up an interview or to see if they're still hiring (I hope they are!). Going in might be more than my energy will allow me. I want to be as high energy as possible tonight so that I can attend the ward BBQ without being such a sick blob.

a picture that can always make you smile
Okay, story time.

On Saturday, me and Ryan went to Thanksgiving Point to attend the Tulip Festival, which is pretty much exactly how it sounds: a festival to celebrate the blooming of thousands of tulips in this amazing (and huge) garden. I'm not much of the type to take pictures of people, but Ryan was so kind to point out that if we didn't make appearances in the photos, then it would look like I went by myself. Well, I couldn't have that, now could I? So I made him sit in this chair all by himself and I gave him one command: "Look whimsical." He spent about three minutes trying to pose and laughing, not really understanding what I meant by "whimsical". When he sat still enough, I got this picture, and I must say that he captured "whimsical" quite well...even though I really wasn't looking for anything in particular.

That entire afternoon's worth of pictures are all smile-worthy, so any of them would've sufficed. But why not showcase my "whimsical" boyfriend? If only I had captured that moment when we both said "Rosebud" in our creepiest voices at the same time without knowing the other was going to say the same thing. THAT, right there, is a smile-worthy moment.


joe said...

I feel like posting on your wall could be an OPSEC fail so I'm commenting. After reading this blog post, I got this desire to shout "GET SOME!"
I'm glad you're doing well :)

Kirsti said...

Thanks, *cough* JOE. You're writing style is very similar to a person I know...but apparently you two AREN'T the same. Hm. I should introduce you. You'd get along with him.