Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FINALLY! Day Number Thirty

I never thought I'd get to this day! But it's finally here and I'm LATE, as usual. I've been sleeping all day, trying to kick this cold, so I'm kinda wired from all the orange juice and chocolate milk I've consumed. So here I am, watching things to help me to get at least a little bit tired so that when I lay my head down, I'm not just staring at my ceiling, laughing to myself for no good reason.

Did that image creep you out as much as it creeped me out? Good.

a picture of someone you miss
This photo isn't very flattering for ANYONE. But I don't care. And it's not just Kelsey and Daniel I miss. I miss everyone back in Missouri that I haven't seen since Christmas break or since last summer. But I do miss my very best friends the most and hope to see them when I come and visit for the very short week I'll be in town (the actual days of the week are being kept secret except to those I really want to know so as to avoid having to say hello to people I really don't want to see since my time there is sparse and I would like to spend time with people I WANT to see). 

So far, though, only my family knows when I'll be coming to Missouri. So if you want to know and think you're amongst the worthy few that are allowed to know, contact me and I'll inform you and we can plan something. Preferably a Clue party, as usual. *cough*KELSEYDANIELSTARTPLANNING*cough*

Well, that's all folks! The daily posting is DONE. For now, at least. Now I can blog about whatever I want whenever I want! YEAH! Hope you all enjoyed it. But I'm excited to be back on my own schedule/topic choice.

Good night!


Peeser said...

Wait. You have Clue parties? As in, you get together with friends to play Clue?!

I hate you.

I LOVE Clue, and I can never seem to find anyone willing to play with me. Not that I want to crash your Clue parties- well, I *want* to, but I wouldn't crash them because that would probably just be weird for you and for them.

But I hate you.

Still, I hope you enjoy your MO visit.

Congratulations on reaching the end!

JUST ME said...

Posting every day seems so impossible to I'd probably be taking pictures of my wall and uploading them and calling it a post...

I was never very good with rules.