Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day Twenty-Five

a picture of your day
Lots and lots of "Gilmore Girls"...I wish I had something better to post here. But really, my day consisted of waking up, showering, getting ready, watching this show, watching my "roommates" move in, but not really since they were moving into the wrong apartment, spent the evening with Ryan and all the usual things. I even applied to a restaurant called Pirate Island...I actually applied to this place a year ago, but didn't pursue the job too avidly for some reason. Anyways, I'm hoping I get some kind of restaurant job since my retail job options are slimming down.

So, yeah. Not too interesting of a day. Janica abandoned me again and is at her grandmother's funeral. So I guess it's for a decent reason, though now I'm alone in this apartment again, eating the rest of the brownies I made yesterday and watching, well...why do I mention it anymore? It should be assumed.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on going to the library, to Lowe's to look at paint, and to some other places. I might apply to some places, but Fridays are always hard to apply since they're busier for businesses. But we'll see. Tomorrow would be a better day to talk about since today was QUITE boring.

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