Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 26

Each night it's the same routine. But that is one thing about my day that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Some nights we cook dinner together, some we see each other, already fed (but he'll be hungry in a short time, his appetite is hardly satisfied for long) but no matter what we do, I love that we can laugh at each other, with each other, and just laugh at absolutely nothing (this is usually something I do). 

Did I mention to you folks that he was growing a mustache most of this week? Yeah, I was going to get a picture of it, but I completely forgot and now he's probably snuggled in his bed, fast asleep, something I should do since I have a headache and my eyes are aching to be closed. Tomorrow morning, though, it's coming off since he's sick of it. But for one glorious week, he had the beginnings of what would be a dark, large and very distinguished mustache. But we won't know its full potential until the next time this delirium overcomes him and he can muscle his way through the beginning stages of the growing process. I will say that my face will greatly appreciate the absence of bristly hairs.

Onto business though. I'm SO GLAD that I'm almost done with this. I'm ready to blog when I want instead of pushing myself to blog daily for the sake of this bizarre thing I decided to do.

a picture of something that means a lot to you
It's hard to pick out actual faces, but this is a picture of the senior cast members of my last musical, "Li'l Abner". My experience with Hickman High School theatre is something that I will always treasure. I miss the days of rehearsing in the Choir room, helping with the set, blocking on the stage, and seeing something become a wonderful production one day at a time. I hope that in the future with my film-making that I can once again partake in the beauty of making tons of little pieces into one, magnificent whole.

There is a tradition that would occur minutes before we would go on stage in which the director would read letters from past students to the cast of the show. And they would always say how nothing will ever capture the magic of the theatre and friendship as that stage would. You would never feel the same again after you had performed your best with the people who know you best. And it is so true. I miss those days of putting in a hard days work of dancing, acting and singing. I truly do. High school was fun because of all the productions I was a part of. Thank you, guys (who I doubt will read this) for being a big part of my high school memories. You all are truly astonishing.


Sarah Lambson said...

I was JUST telling someone the other day how much I loved High School because of being a band a choir nerd. I really feel that people who participated in the performing arts in High School got a lot more out of the experience.

It created a sense of comradery and friendship that many in that stage of life lacked. You WORKED TOGETHER to accomplish something great. You felt victory and defeat together. They were wonderful times that I sometimes wish I could go back and re-live.

Peeser said...

I really like that idea of reading letters from previous students about their fond experiences with the shows... I kind-of wish that tradition had been in place when I was there. As it was, there were still plenty of great traditions that WERE already in place when I was there: the pre-show Circle/hand-squeeze, the intermission Hokey Pokey, "Piano Man," the senior skits spoofing the show... (Do they still do that one? That was one of my favorites, to see what cleverness and inside jokes the Seniors included in the skits...)

In honor of that last one, I will leave you with some of my favorite lines from one of MY last senior skits, the one from "Oklahoma!":

"Oh, what beautiful memories!
Oh, what a wonderful show!
I have a terrible feeling
it will be hard to go."

"Out of this school and into the world we have to go.
We will miss the time we've spent preparing every show.
Out of this school and into the rush of college deadlines.
We must not forget the magic we can do,
So out of this school we'll go, leaving the Dream with you!"

I love you! :)