Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 23

Today, I decided to do some domestic errands instead of going out and looking for jobs. I had laundry to do, a desk to reorganize, and other things to maintain, especially my soul. So I took some time to myself to read for my own pleasure, I cooked dinner for me and Ryan, and I just let myself enjoy this weird motivation to do things around the apartment. Tomorrow, though, I'm back in the field. Do some follow-ups, turn in more applications....I'm really hoping I find a job soon. High Schoolers are going to be out of school soon and so the market will be vastly limited as they find their summer job.

So here is day 23.

a picture of your favorite book
Harry Potter is my ultimate favorite, but I decided to put "The Little Prince" since not everyone knows about the book and about it being my second favorite book of all time. All I have to say is to read it. It's about 100 pages and is the quickest read since it has animations and is fairly simple language. But it has beautiful truths and wonderful philosophies and it's just so great. READ IT. NOW.

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