Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 22 on May 2nd

There are lots of 2's today. And I'm watching my favorite number 2 playing some good ol' baseball (It's Derek Jeter, for you non-baseball folks). I applied to some more places, I might have an actual job at Sunflower Farmer's Market grocery store, except that the manager looked less than...*ahem* lets just say that I wouldn't have him pick out my prom dress. This whole applying thing is quite taxing on my nerves. I haven't received a phone call from Charlotte Russe so I'm pretty sure that job is a no. Whatever. I would've spent all my money earned there buying the merchandise.

Also, I applied to Subway. Which is borderline fast food. And have you ever spent an amount of time in Subway? That smell permeates EVERYTHING. My hair reeks of it hours after I stepped foot in the place for ONE minute. Yeesh. So if I worked there, I'd pretty much radiate Subway-scent, and might even pee a concentrated and liquid form of the odor.

So that's my occupational update. The rest of my life pretty much consists of the following:
-Wake up whenever
-eat nutella on toast
-sit on bed and check BYU website for job updates
-check other sites
-Watch "Gilmore Girls"
-Watch more "Gilmore Girls"
-Chat with Sarah on skype
-Get ready to job hunt
-Do it
-Come back and wait for Ryan to get home from work, eat, and meander his way over to my apartment
-Ryan-time until we both have mentioned it's late about 5-6 times a piece and then admit to ourselves that it's time to sleep.
-Don't sleep, instead watch more "Gilmore Girls"

Yep. That's my schedule day to day. Kinda boring, huh? I'm hoping once I get a job, there will be some deviance to the daily schedule in the morning. I kinda like my evenings the way they are, thank you very much.

But on to the picture.

a picture of something you wish you were better at
I wish I were better at getting/finding a job (and being black, but that's my parents' fault). I kid you not, when I was driving up to Orem to talk to the Sunflower Market folks, I spent 15 minutes just driving around, singing to Lady Gaga, getting the nerve to actually talk to the manager. And I also spent 10 minutes in the store finding things to buy so I had a reason to approach an employee. Apparently, when I'm job-hunting by myself, I become self-conscious and can't do the simple task of forming sentences. I think when I went to get the Charlotte Russe application, I'm pretty sure I said "Can I...application?" to the employee. That's not an actual sentence. Yeah. I'm pathetic. 

Ugh, I'm SO ready for someone to approach me and tell me frantically that they need someone honorable to work for their prestigious company that pays well, isn't too smelly inside (Subway...that means you're out), and has me do things I want to do: sit around, edit movies, eat Cheez-its and watch "Gilmore Girls". And I would be allowed to have Ryan there and he could make money as well by just sitting there, or doing whatever he wanted to do. Yep. *sigh* If only.

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Sarah Lambson said...

Sounds like you need to have a jorb as a professional blogger. That job description down there would ALMOST be completely covered by you making films and blogging them as you "job".

Also, I think you just aren't trying hard enough to be good at being black. Don't blame the 'rents for that, it's all about mental blocks!