Monday, April 4, 2011

The Perfect Weekend(s)

I think it's time I blog about why there is such a DRAMATIC shift in my mood for the past week, give or take a few days.

It all begins with a boy (and he'll probably read this. Hey, that's right, I'm blogging about you! But, to be fair, you started it!)

So, most of you know already about how it all came about. We met a month ago (roughly) because of FHE, hit it off as friends right off the bat, and a few weeks after that all transpired, he wrote this piece of work:

I read this last Friday night. Queue giddy jumping and stupid grins. I read this about half an hour before a good friend of mine (who could also be reading this) was due to be in town. And we had planned to hang out all night, go on a date, and all that jazz. Imagine how I felt: I wanted to be happy to see this friend (and I was), but after actually reading that the guy I liked had those same feelings...I wasn't bound to really be in the moment 100%. The date went as well as one could hope with such a conflicted mind and afterwards we went back to my apartment. At this point, the friend went to hang out with someone else and so I could properly geek out about this blog post with my roommate. The entire night, Janica and I schemed about what I could do with this massive bit of information I was sitting on.

Eventually, I settled on not doing anything. I was gonna let things play out naturally as if I had never read the blog (P.S. He had NO idea I read the blog. Hence, he felt it was safe to write about our predicament. Boy, was he wrong).

But then my friend (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY...since her blog is anonymous) had a different idea: she has a blog similar to the one I linked above where they posted about relationships in an anonymous way and so she told me to write a guest post and then she'd get the blog owners of the first blog to post a link (are you following?...). So, I did. But I told her to wait to post it since I wanted to give Ryan a fighting chance to make a bold move for my affections.

Saturday comes rolling along. We had planned to spend the day at the Holi Festival of Colors, just me and him. Little did he know, though, that a mutual friend wanted in on this (I kinda told him the whole story and he thought it was too good not to get involved somehow) and so he acted as the third wheel that would stir the waters. It ended up being a bit TOO much and didn't really do anything to stir anything except contentious feelings. So, if any of you get this idea in your head to add a third wheel for dramatic effect, DON'T. Poor choice on my part (sorry for putting you through that, Ryan!).

But we still had fun. Here's proof:
Yep. Good times.

Eventually, we leave, all colorful and him still not knowing that I knew EVERYTHING. I was pretty good at disguising my knowledge. Thank you, high school theatre and acting classes. We get cleaned up and we decide to go out and get some food. I had my first Red Robin experience that night. And, *sigh*, I guess it's good. Okay, it's more than good. It's pretty fantastic. But that's beside the point. We had a nice time, I embarrassed myself some more since I tend to be pretty much myself around him and you all know what that is: babbling, sorta annoying in an endearing way, very clumsy and blatantly honest about stupid things. I've always pretty much been this way around him, so I found it (and still find it) bizarre that even after being as ridiculous as I am, he's STILL attracted to me.

Anyways, we get done eating (I'm pretty much bursting at the seams) and he drives me back to my apartment. I invite him in, hoping that MAYBE he'll get the nerve to make a move. We talk for a couple of hours about nonsense, which is typical, and we get really close. solid move was made. So when he leaves, I text the friend and tell her to post the blog. He had all day to do something definitive, and now, drastic measures were to be taken. Patience is not my strong point. Here is my blog post:

Sunday comes. We sit next to each other and it's all pretty normal. Up until the Break-The-Fast we had. From the end of meetings up until that time, the Anti-Austen girls had posted the link on their blog. So it was only a matter of time before Ryan would discover it. So I go to the ward get-together thinking there would be one of two reactions: he'd either be absolutely shy and embarrassed (meaning he had read the blog) or he'd be completely normal, still ignorant to everything.

Well, he seemed normal enough. So I assumed he hadn't read it. We ate, we chatted, talked to other people, and then I asked if he wanted to go walk around this trail near my apartment. He agreed and we started walking. I hoped that he would take my hand before I brought up the blog, but no such luck. So we stopped at a bridge and I just say "So...I have a confession. I read the Anti-Austen blog..." And I just smiled at him, waiting for his face to do something drastic. But it doesn't. He just says:
"I have a confession too. I read your response!"

HA! So we both knew and just didn't address the elephant in the room (on the trail?) for an hour or so, but now that the words were spoken, the rest is history. So, we've been what people deem "official" for a week now and it's been pretty fantastic. Sure, both of us had a crazy week, what with the parents coming into town and all the homework assignments he had. But it was a great week, nonetheless, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

And that's that. I'm not gonna give details or anything too personal since it's personal. But I will say this one's a keeper. I'd be daft if I chased him away. If my CA-RAY-ZEE personality hasn't already chased him away, then I don't know what I could do to make him run in the other direction screaming. He claims he likes my craziness, but sometimes I wonder about his sanity: it takes a crazy person to like a crazy person, right? But I wouldn't want it any other way. If he was boring...what then? We couldn't talk about replacing our normal limbs with crazy awesome bionic ones with weapons capabilities, or speculate the best exit route if a zombie apocalypse happened right NOW, or laugh about how the word "batholith" sounds "basilisk" with a lisp.

Yep. I'm content. Life is pretty much good. Except for my stress fracture. Which is throbbing, since I just came from my dance class (I'm still required to dance. Blerg.).

I know the title indicates I would talk about multiple weekends, but since this post is long enough and wordy, I'll have to do this in two parts. Or just give a quick shout-out to this weekend: conference with my parents, then his.



I'll stop being wordy. And end this blog post.......NOW.


Julina said...

Thanks for the pic! (the background seems to fit in w/ such a colorful picture). And thanks for blogging your great weekend - I know we'd talked about it, but it was great to read it, too (especially the part on the trail, I hadn't heard that story - but it makes me grin!)

Also - good idea to put a limit on the amount of info you blog. I'm excited for you guys, but I'd rather hear what you feel comfortable sharing directly from you and not see it broadcast to the world (in addition to your privacy, it makes me feel more "special", too ;P)

Anyway- love ya, sis
Enjoy this awesome spring (for you and and your sweetie, anyway) and Hi Ryan, from Kirsti's big sis (assuming you actually *do* read this)

Peeser said...

Yeah, thanks for making sure I was in the minority of people who did NOT already know about all these romantic shenanigans.


I MIGHT forgive you on account of the fact that it has apparently been pretty crazy for you the last few weeks...

...but ONLY if you forgive me for still not actually buying/sending you the Scott Pilgrim/Smashing Pumpkins shirt I promised you months ago (which, by the way, I still intend to buy for you, unless you got too impatient and bought it yourself...)

I'm happy you're happy.

(And I'm still sorry about the stress fracture- I hope it heals quickly!)