Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ninth Day

a picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

I know this isn't just one person. It's two. Three if you count my creepy blurry self. But my parents definitely qualify as persons who have gotten me through the most. They love me and want the best for me, and I know they mean well when they call me and nag me about things.

My dad has got to be one of the most spiritual men I know. And being at BYU, it's hard to beat the professors here, but (since I'm biased and all) if I had the resources, I would always fly home to have my dad bless me than to have someone like President Samuelson bless me. He's the voice of reason that I lack and I haven't seen him lose his cool for the last 10 years. Every time I see him now, I see not just my dad getting older, but I see a man who is continuing to improve himself and perfect himself and it's amazing that even a person like him has things that need perfecting. I love you, dad! (and thanks for the taxes help!)

I'm starting to realize how much I really am like my mom. I used to deny it, thinking that it was a bad thing that I was becoming my mother. But now that I see how amazing she really is, I don't see it as bad anymore, but I see it as something to strive for. Like my dad, she's continuing to improve herself and she has so many talents that she's perfecting! I definitely want to be where my mom is in thirty years. Her purse alone is amazing! She has everything you could possibly need in there, except maybe a gurney (though she might have a collapsible one...). We've never really been the type to fight, like most mother/daughter combos. I usually take her advice humbly and accept that she's more knowledgeable in life than I am and should probably listen to her.

Point is, I love my parents. I love that they are striving to be better people, even though they're saints already. Thanks, mom and dad, for being such great role models!

P.S. Being done with the semester so early is proving to be boring.

P.P.S. Still no word from the Media Arts people. I already cried today thinking about their rejection letter.

P.P.P.S. Haven't gone to a podiatrist yet. I'll probably go tomorrow. But since it's hurting right now and I'm not even using it, I'm pretty sure it's worse. I'm praying they won't throw a cast on there. That would be awful, and itchy, and smelly.


Sara said...

You just wanted to copy my parents post!!

Kirsti said...

HA! I just noticed how I seemed to have "copied" you! But, seriously, though, I wasn't copying you...but if you wanna believe that, go ahead :)

genevieve said...

This is so, so sweet. Parents tend to be unsung heroes and I know for sure when I was your age, I didn't appreciate them.

I was so charmed when, in thanking your mother profusely for giving her and your time and talent for my wedding, she said "It was so wonderful to do this with Kirsti."