Saturday, April 23, 2011

Days 12 AND 13

I think you're just gonna have to accept the fact that I will probably be late in posting these things. We all know the reasons behind it all, and I know it's no excuse. But deal with it. This is my blog, and I'll post how I want!

So onto business:

a picture of something you love
I could've chosen a number of things, but I felt that this pretty much nutshells many things I love: mail, movies, my laptop, and the color red. Netflix, I hate that you're driving rental stores out of business, but I love what you do as far as instant gratification. 

a picture of your favorite band or artist
This picture was taken live in concert when I saw them a couple of years back. Me and my sister splurged on $100 tickets to sit on the floor at their concert, and boy, was it worth it! Coldplay has been my favorite band since roughly 2002 and will probably stay my favorite for years to come. It all started when I was obsessed with Dominic Monaghan (Merry from "Lord of the Rings"). I found a fan-made webpage listing a few of his favorite things. And there was a list of some bands he enjoyed. Coldplay was listed amongst them and I knew that my sister, Beckie, had a Coldplay CD, so I borrowed it and proceeded to constantly listen to Coldplay until they eventually became my favorite too, and Dominic Monaghan would discover this about me, marry me, and we'd have cute little children. 

The first part came true. The latter...not so much. As far as I'm concerned, Dominic is still dating Evangeline Lily from "LOST" and they're hopelessly in love. C'est la vie. I've got my own man. Sorry, Dom. We weren't meant for each other.

Anyways, I could put TONS more things I love and favorite bands/artists, but I won't. I need to dry my hair. And get on with life. But consider me caught up.

P.S. My film classes start on Tuesday. AH!

P.P.S. My roommates are all moved out now. It's just me in this apartment, until Janica returns on Monday (and we might be gaining some new roommates as well...eek). I think I'll have my own personal dance party in celebration of having the apartment to myself! 

1 comment:

Peeser said...

Wait, I thought Charlie was with Claire?!?

Oh, wait. That was the show. And Charlie died :( . And Claire went crazy and joined with Evil Locke... Hmmm... I need to watch that show again beginning to end. Maybe it's time I invested in Netflix... Maybe when school is over (I don't need any more temptations right now).

Coldplay is pretty much awesome!

Enjoy your brief solitude! Dance like a madwoman in the rain! Good luck with this new onslaught of classes... :)