Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 5 (late...)

A Picture of Your Favorite Memory

Yes, I'm late. It is 1:15am my time and that means it's officially Saturday. The only reason why I point this out is because (as usual) I was with Ryan most of my night and out of the blue he looks at his phone, smiles, makes me look at the time and asks "You know what that means?" and I'm sitting there for the few seconds he gives me to respond trying to come up with some meaningful response for the time it said (12:40, if you must know). But I shrugged and he said "That means it's Saturday! And you didn't post anything for yesterday!" Seriously, the things that come out of this guy's mouth. Gems like "I could see that material being made into a high heel...or maybe a boot...with a matching belt" can get me laughing for days. If it's even possible, he succeeded in out-weirding me tonight. Love it. And I'll stop mentioning him, it's probably stroking his ever-so-large ego that so many girls are blogging about him. First the Anti-Austen girl, now me.

For the record, though, he really doesn't have that large of an ego. Except when it comes to his taste in food (but that's not really an ego but a fact of life. He's taken me to some pretty fantastic places. Okay, seriously, I'll stop bragging about him.)

Anyways, since I have WAY too many favorite memories, I'll go ahead and post a picture of a favorite memory and describe why it's a favorite.
Mormon Prom 2008. Two of my besties. Three hilarious gentlemen. And this picture pretty much sums up the night. That was one of the best prom experiences I've had, and I'll even go as far as saying it was the BEST formal-dress dance I've had. The music was fantastic, the company was great, my dress was ROCKIN'...all around amazing. I'm so glad I'm still friends with Mariah and Tamara. Mariah even followed me out here to BYU (I actually should say I followed her since she was committed to going sooner than I was...). I cannot, nor will I, fathom what my life would be like without their influences and lovely faces. Love them.

Aaaand that concludes my (late) day 5 post. Day 6 will be posted in a few hours. Lemme get some sleep first.


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Peeser said...

So, who were the three hilarious gentlemen, if I may ask?

That is seriously an awesome picture! I love it!

That's all I feel like saying for now.