Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 4 (is this getting old yet?)

A Picture of your Night

For those of you who don't know what this image's from a website called and is from the Strong Bad Email titled "Bottom 10". Best. SBEmail. EVER. Or one of them. There are around 200 of them in all, and there are some FANTASTIC ones.

I put this picture because I spent most (if not all...okay pretty much all) my night not studying for finals, no. I was with Ryan. As per usual. If we don't get to spend any portion of the day together, we're almost always with each other in the evening for some period of time. It just so happened that today we got to spend almost all of the day in each other's company. Which was great. And I managed to study (as did he) and I got a B on my test! So ha, people who think being in relationships ruins grades! My grade wasn't ruined! BOO-YAH (did I just say booyah?).

Okay, back to the reason for the picture. So, we're just chillin' on his couch and we decide to visit this now-dormant site to see if there were any toons that he was unfamiliar with (he did just come back from a 2-year mission not too long ago) and we both decided to watch this particular toon. Gah, still a favorite of mine. We did stuff other than watch toons, but I'm not going to give gory details. But that now implies we did things of questionable nature. Which is definitely NOT the case. I can assure you, most of the things we talk about/do are absolutely pointless and make no sense. I hope he doesn't mind me talking about this stuff. I don't have anything to hide as far as this relationship goes. And I love that I don't. LOVE it. It's simple, perfect, uncomplicated, silly at times, and we can watch Homestarrunner and not judge each other for laughing stupidly at it.

So, that, my family and friends (and possible creepy strangers/trolls), was my night. Just like any other typical night with the person I love laughing with.

P.S. I recommend you WATCH the toon.

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Peeser said...

I love that you actually posted a link to the sbemail! I loved watching it again- it's been awhile since I've seen that one. Though I still use Homestarrunner as entertainment during the school day- it helps me de-stress to get a good laugh in!

I'm having fun reading these little daily tidbits, by the way, so as far as I'm concerned, keep 'em coming! :)