Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 19-Are we DONE yet?

a picture and a letter
Dear finger nails,

Hi, it's finally nice to meet you all at your best length. I know it's been a while since I've let you grow out to your fullest potential, but I am so glad that I did. You make my hands look less stumpy and you're very easy to decorate. I'm also appreciative of the fact that I won't have any more Army duties and can properly paint you all and make you look super adorable. There will be days when you'll break or I'll have to trim you, or there might be one stressful day when I resort back to old habits and bite you again. But let's hope that doesn't happen because I rather enjoy being able to scratch my leg, remove stickers from things, painting you without painting the tips of my fingers, and all of the benefits that come from having long nails.

It it rather annoying to have you hit the keys on my keyboard before my fingers do, and sometimes it's annoying when I accidentally scratch something like metal, my own flesh, or my boyfriend's face. But all is forgiven if you continue to grow and be strong like you've done so far. It's lucky that my roommate, Janica, has so much nail polish, and I can experiment with colors, designs and the works. I hope you enjoy the process of painting and removing the paint as much as I do. I hope the acetone isn't too harsh.

Thanks for being such great sports the last few weeks. Keep up the good work!

Your human,

Okay, so I had no idea how to interpret the meaning of this day. So I just chose a picture and wrote a letter to the subject of the picture. I painted my nails yesterday all these amazing different colors after I organized Janica's nail polish bin and then decided to be extra creative and put lovely little polka dots on them. The hand you see up there is the better of the hands since I forgot that nail polish has to dry and so my right hand has some imperfections from my impatience.

The last two weeks, I've painted my nails about 4 different colors and I LOVE the freedom I have to do it since I don't have Army stuff right now and their regulations are no crazy colors when in uniform (which, for me, was daily except for three tuesdays a month). So now that we're done with that, I can be crazy and colorful AND my nails are long enough for the polish to look pretty on the nails.

And now day 19 is done. Have a great Friday night!

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Julina said...

funny - I no longer bite my nails, but I have to keep them trimmed short (can't forgive that clickety-clack of nails on the keyboard - hard enough to tolerate when they're not mine) and I CAN'T STAND nail polish.

But congrats on growing them out and they look really cute :)