Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching Up: Day numbers 14-15

I think Ryan can vouch for me when I say that I really had NO TIME to myself yesterday. I was getting ready for church in the morning, spent 4-5 hours at church, then went right to Easter dinner with Ryan's relatives. Then we drove to Lehi to visit my Aunt Juli and my cousin Jami. After that, it was about 11pm and instead of sending Ryan home like a prudent person would do I let him stay for an hour. And by that time, it was too late to update and be "on time" I decided to just do it today and kill two birds with one stone.

For what it's worth, though, I had an amazing Easter Sunday. Lots of good food (I ate WAY too much) and good company, and great lessons/talks in church. And today is my last day of freedom before I'm back in school taking my film classes (!) and stuff like that. I found out today that I need to buy an external hard drive by Wednesday, so I'm kinda freaking out about that, but for the most part I'm excited to begin my journey as an aspiring filmmaker.

But back to the real purpose.

a picture of someone you could never imagine your life without
This is an ANCIENT picture of me and my bestie, Sara, but it makes me laugh nonetheless (Sara, when I come visit over the summer, we are taking more pictures of ourselves, okay? Some cute, updated ones so I don't have to keep using old pictures) Sara has been my best friend since Jr. High/High School, except for that 6 month stint where we weren't talking to each other. But she is super important to my life and understands my quirks and I understand hers. She's sarcastic, intelligent, goofy, loyal, everything a girl could ever want in a best friend. And I gave her the best gift ever: a loving boyfriend. I claim some of the responsibility for why her and Connor are dating. I was the one who suggested we invite Connor to our Six Flags trip at the end of our senior year for Sara's birthday celebration, and if she hadn't agreed to it, they wouldn't have met and fallen in love. Ya welcome, best friend of mine.

a picture of something you want to do before you die
Visit Japan. Heck, if I could just leave the country before I die, I'd die happy. But Japan is probably my #1 destination if I could travel anywhere. But first I'd want to attempt to learn the language so that I'm not like David Sedaris when he moved to Tokyo and tried to learn the language and failed. It would be cool if I could go with my oldest sister, Julina, and she could visit all her old Mission locations and see the country with a secular eye instead of through a missionary's perspective.

Other things I'd like to do before I die:
-marriage/kids (pretty generic answer, so that's why I didn't write about it)
-ride a giraffe
-Win an Oscar (or any prestigious film award)
-Have one of my films get into Sundance Film Festival
-Dye my hair at least once so I can experience chemicals in my scalp.

And that's all folks. Me and the roommate, Janica, are all alone in this large apartment and there is still no sign of any other roommates. If we have this place to ourselves, that would be AWESOME. Also, we want to paint the apartment, any suggestions as to what color palette/colors we should use?


Julina said...

Grr - tried to leave a brilliant comment and "we cannot process your request..." So now I have to try to capture lightning in a bottle twice... ):

First - you've never dyed your hair (why does "dyed" look wrong? no red squiggly, though)? why did I think you had. Hallucination, I guess...

Second - Japan. Have I told you that if I am not married in 10 years, I intend to take MYSELF on a honeymoon to Japan for my... on second thought, never mind, I won't say what birthday that'll be. You do the math.
Heck, even if I *am* married, I'd still like to go in 10 years. I came straight home after my mission and so didn't leave the Tokyo area. I'd like to see Hiroshima and maybe even Sendai (I'm optimistic that it'll be doing much better by then). Point is - you're invited, with or without hubby (because I'm expecting/assuming that at least YOU will be married by then). Mom's invited, too. So are the rest of the sibs, if anyone's in a position to go. So start saving up, sis!

And good luck w/ your new round of class(es).

Sara said...

Wow, that picture is so old!

We were so cool, though.