Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 19-Are we DONE yet?

a picture and a letter
Dear finger nails,

Hi, it's finally nice to meet you all at your best length. I know it's been a while since I've let you grow out to your fullest potential, but I am so glad that I did. You make my hands look less stumpy and you're very easy to decorate. I'm also appreciative of the fact that I won't have any more Army duties and can properly paint you all and make you look super adorable. There will be days when you'll break or I'll have to trim you, or there might be one stressful day when I resort back to old habits and bite you again. But let's hope that doesn't happen because I rather enjoy being able to scratch my leg, remove stickers from things, painting you without painting the tips of my fingers, and all of the benefits that come from having long nails.

It it rather annoying to have you hit the keys on my keyboard before my fingers do, and sometimes it's annoying when I accidentally scratch something like metal, my own flesh, or my boyfriend's face. But all is forgiven if you continue to grow and be strong like you've done so far. It's lucky that my roommate, Janica, has so much nail polish, and I can experiment with colors, designs and the works. I hope you enjoy the process of painting and removing the paint as much as I do. I hope the acetone isn't too harsh.

Thanks for being such great sports the last few weeks. Keep up the good work!

Your human,

Okay, so I had no idea how to interpret the meaning of this day. So I just chose a picture and wrote a letter to the subject of the picture. I painted my nails yesterday all these amazing different colors after I organized Janica's nail polish bin and then decided to be extra creative and put lovely little polka dots on them. The hand you see up there is the better of the hands since I forgot that nail polish has to dry and so my right hand has some imperfections from my impatience.

The last two weeks, I've painted my nails about 4 different colors and I LOVE the freedom I have to do it since I don't have Army stuff right now and their regulations are no crazy colors when in uniform (which, for me, was daily except for three tuesdays a month). So now that we're done with that, I can be crazy and colorful AND my nails are long enough for the polish to look pretty on the nails.

And now day 19 is done. Have a great Friday night!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Eighteenth Day of this LONG chain of posts

So I just got done with a group interview with Charlotte Russe. Lets just say that if I don't get the job, I won't be surprised. It's not from my lack of saying good things, it's just that compared to the other girls, I wasn't up to par. I overslept so I wasn't looking as good as I could look and image is REALLY important, especially for a retail position where you're selling a style.

But it's over and done with. I'll know by Tuesday at the latest if I got the job. In the meantime, I'm still looking, hoping for a BYU job that has consistent hours, and I'm praying by the end of next week I'll have a job that earns me lots of money.

At the moment, I'm still in my business casual outfit and coat, sitting on my bed, watching Season 2 of Gilmore Girls, and contemplating showering and actually getting ready for the day. It's so easy to get lazy when you don't have anything really to do except going out and searching for more jobs. I'll probably cook something since I've been on a cooking streak. But this is getting boring, talking about my mundane life.

a picture of your biggest insecurity
Explanation: Sadie isn't really my biggest insecurity, but having LOTS of hair is. So I decided to make this insecurity more adorable with the Sadie picture. I have a lot of hair. And it's REALLY dark. Sure, it's great on my head, but the small hairs on my legs, arms, face, notice them. Tweezers are my very best friend because of it, but sometimes I toy with the idea of laser hair removal so that I don't have to incessantly pluck all the time.

Anyways, that's my biggest insecurity. That, and when my face breaks out. I recently ran out of my really good prescription face cream and I thought that maybe my face wouldn't need it anymore since I'm 20 and not as hormonal as I was when I was going through puberty. But, apparently, my face got dependent on how amazing that stuff was. Janica uses Proactiv and it's worked well for her and I'm REALLY tempted to buy my own and see if it's as amazing as the commercials make it out to be. 

But in all honesty, these "insecurities" are VERY mild. I rarely think about them except for when I do my make-up in the morning and then that's it. So for 15 minutes of every day I'm very apparent of some minor flaws to my physical being. But I'm super comfortable with myself, my personality, and for the most part there is nothing I would change about myself. Maybe a new haircut, a sun-kissed look to my skin, and a new wardrobe. But who doesn't want that anyways?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 17-Queue the Queso

Woah, I used two Q words in my title. That takes skill. I say "queso" because the day and the picture/subject of the day will be VERY cheesy. I'm going to try and censor myself and try not to create a chain of sickened vomiting, but I'm not gonna make any promises. I'm actually having a hard time writing this because I hate being outwardly and intentionally corny and this is forcing me to do everything I've taught myself NOT to do. So here goes...

something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
STORY TIME! So...I kinda wanted to use a more recent picture of him/us, but I was lacking in that department. When we spend time together, I hardly have the mind to pull out a camera and take a snapshot of me and him. So I haven't thought about it until today. See, today is *trying not to be too cheesy here* our one month bench mark. I don't want to use the "A" word here because...well, let's face it, it's not much of an A-word sort of thing. It's just one month. But I guess since Britney Spears and her first hubby didn't make it past 3 days without getting a divorce, a month is kind of a big deal. Anyways, moving on. So, we sorta planned on doing something biggish tonight for it. And since I decided I wanted to actually look decent that day, I thought about bringing my camera. And so, when I got the chance, I put it in my purse and we went out to dinner and see a movie.

All during the night, I thought about pulling out the camera. But I don't like being one of those people who always has a camera and takes pictures ALL the time. Especially during normal times when you're not out in a new location or something like that. So I didn't, and each minute was a picture untaken (by the way, blogger's spell-check is ridiculous). But our night was magnificent, despite the movie FLOP (I'm almost too embarrassed to admit which movie it is...I'll have you guess), and by the end of the evening, I still didn't have a decent picture. It wasn't until about half an hour ago when I decided to bring it up, after MUCH pulling of metaphorical teeth. And then I made a dramatic scene of actually taking the picture. And when I did, I wasn't sitting up right and I didn't look at the picture I took and I threw the camera aside and forgot I even mentioned it. After reviewing the picture, though, it wasn't up to par. So an oldie will have to do. But, hey, Ryan has a pair of arm horns. How awesome is that?!

But I guess my goal in life (or for the summer at the very least) is to get more pictures of him being goofy, ridiculous, sweet, and selfless, if that's even possible to catch on camera without it being a posed shot of him saving a duck from a car in the middle of the road or something.

But back to why he's the subject of the day. I thought it was fitting that this day landed on our one month bench mark. I could've used Ryan in many other slots (the "things I hate" day...oh wait, that's not right) but I decided that he fit well for the subject: something RECENT that has had a huge impact on my life. Besides me getting into the Film program, he's pretty much the next BIGGEST thing. It's crazy to think we've only been together a month! It feels longer than that! But, to be honest, when I think about it, I subconsciously count the times before we started dating as some of our first moments together...maybe that's why I think it's been longer than a month. If I follow that mindset, it's actually been 1.5-2 months! Still, it's been a whirlwind of a time and (queue the CHEESE) each day it gets harder to say goodnight but I'm put to ease knowing that I'll see him the next day. And the day after that, and then the day after that day. Heck, if I let him, he could see me every day for the next year and I wouldn't stop him. If he's not sick of me yet (and vice versa) I don't know what I could do to drive him away, except wax his legs, give him a permanent tattoo of my name on his forehead, and start drinking profusely. But none of those things sound remotely entertaining (except the leg waxing, but I can resist my urges).

And for my final cheesy GRAND finale, I'll address a short little paragraph to the culprit: Ryan, thanks for showing up in my life when I really needed someone like you. Thank you for your random texts while you work, for your quirky looks, and for listening to me even when I'm not worth listening to. Thanks, especially, for being weird and silly with me and being my partner in crime in all of our wild, hypothetical situations. You're great, I think your glasses are adorable, and you run like a robot and I think that's FANTASTIC. Don't let anyone (like Janica) tell you otherwise.

Okay. This post may be edited soon because I might be uncomfortable with having all of this corny stuff out in the open (or my siblings/mother might tell me it's too much and give me a concerned phone call about propriety and the works). But that's it for day 17.

*jibblies* I think I'm all cheesed out.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 16 (ON TIME!)

Guess what, folks? I'm on time! And not playing catch-up! That's because Ryan (our most favorite and easily most mentioned person on this blog now) is at his weekly Tuesday night interview. So I have a few hours to myself to blog, do my own girly things and dance ridiculously around my room. I'll also give you an update on what is going on in my life, since it's changed drastically the last couple of hours: Instead of going to summer school, I am now dropped out of all my classes (all 2 of them) and am going to attempt to work full-time.

Why, you ask? Well, I went to class this morning. And the first thing out of the professor's mouth besides "good morning" and an introduction was this: "Rule #1 in this class: Don't take this class during the Spring."

Yep. He was telling us that we would enjoy ourselves more if we allowed ourselves to wait and take the classes in the Fall. So that's what I did. If I didn't, I would be making 5 short films plus about 10 other smaller assignments in 6 weeks. YIKES! Plus, with this I have the rest of my Parent Plus Loan to supplement me while I look for a job, and now I don't have to buy the cheapest external hard drive I can find. I can work all day and make lots of money for next semester. So I don't think I made a bad decision.

I turned in applications to 5 different places today and two of the places have promise: Charlotte Russe and Rue 21. Yay clothing stores! I'll keep trying until I have a job, so that's what I'll be doing the rest of the week. I'm hoping for a job by the weekend or maybe early next week. Pray for me!

a picture of someone who inspires you
I was going to do another filmmaker, but I decided it's time to highlight my gorgeous sister, Emily. This is a picture of her and her newborn, Lucy, taken about two weeks ago (actually, it might be EXACTLY two weeks ago, to the minute). She has an amazing little family, doing what she loves, making things that make her happy, and living life to the fullest. I think she's beautiful, I always have, and I'm so proud of her. I wish I had an ounce of her creativity and could make the things she does: she made my laptop bag (I'll have to add pictures tomorrow of it) and she makes so many amazing things. She is one of my role-models, but I'll stop being so cheesy. Love you, Em!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching Up: Day numbers 14-15

I think Ryan can vouch for me when I say that I really had NO TIME to myself yesterday. I was getting ready for church in the morning, spent 4-5 hours at church, then went right to Easter dinner with Ryan's relatives. Then we drove to Lehi to visit my Aunt Juli and my cousin Jami. After that, it was about 11pm and instead of sending Ryan home like a prudent person would do I let him stay for an hour. And by that time, it was too late to update and be "on time" I decided to just do it today and kill two birds with one stone.

For what it's worth, though, I had an amazing Easter Sunday. Lots of good food (I ate WAY too much) and good company, and great lessons/talks in church. And today is my last day of freedom before I'm back in school taking my film classes (!) and stuff like that. I found out today that I need to buy an external hard drive by Wednesday, so I'm kinda freaking out about that, but for the most part I'm excited to begin my journey as an aspiring filmmaker.

But back to the real purpose.

a picture of someone you could never imagine your life without
This is an ANCIENT picture of me and my bestie, Sara, but it makes me laugh nonetheless (Sara, when I come visit over the summer, we are taking more pictures of ourselves, okay? Some cute, updated ones so I don't have to keep using old pictures) Sara has been my best friend since Jr. High/High School, except for that 6 month stint where we weren't talking to each other. But she is super important to my life and understands my quirks and I understand hers. She's sarcastic, intelligent, goofy, loyal, everything a girl could ever want in a best friend. And I gave her the best gift ever: a loving boyfriend. I claim some of the responsibility for why her and Connor are dating. I was the one who suggested we invite Connor to our Six Flags trip at the end of our senior year for Sara's birthday celebration, and if she hadn't agreed to it, they wouldn't have met and fallen in love. Ya welcome, best friend of mine.

a picture of something you want to do before you die
Visit Japan. Heck, if I could just leave the country before I die, I'd die happy. But Japan is probably my #1 destination if I could travel anywhere. But first I'd want to attempt to learn the language so that I'm not like David Sedaris when he moved to Tokyo and tried to learn the language and failed. It would be cool if I could go with my oldest sister, Julina, and she could visit all her old Mission locations and see the country with a secular eye instead of through a missionary's perspective.

Other things I'd like to do before I die:
-marriage/kids (pretty generic answer, so that's why I didn't write about it)
-ride a giraffe
-Win an Oscar (or any prestigious film award)
-Have one of my films get into Sundance Film Festival
-Dye my hair at least once so I can experience chemicals in my scalp.

And that's all folks. Me and the roommate, Janica, are all alone in this large apartment and there is still no sign of any other roommates. If we have this place to ourselves, that would be AWESOME. Also, we want to paint the apartment, any suggestions as to what color palette/colors we should use?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Days 12 AND 13

I think you're just gonna have to accept the fact that I will probably be late in posting these things. We all know the reasons behind it all, and I know it's no excuse. But deal with it. This is my blog, and I'll post how I want!

So onto business:

a picture of something you love
I could've chosen a number of things, but I felt that this pretty much nutshells many things I love: mail, movies, my laptop, and the color red. Netflix, I hate that you're driving rental stores out of business, but I love what you do as far as instant gratification. 

a picture of your favorite band or artist
This picture was taken live in concert when I saw them a couple of years back. Me and my sister splurged on $100 tickets to sit on the floor at their concert, and boy, was it worth it! Coldplay has been my favorite band since roughly 2002 and will probably stay my favorite for years to come. It all started when I was obsessed with Dominic Monaghan (Merry from "Lord of the Rings"). I found a fan-made webpage listing a few of his favorite things. And there was a list of some bands he enjoyed. Coldplay was listed amongst them and I knew that my sister, Beckie, had a Coldplay CD, so I borrowed it and proceeded to constantly listen to Coldplay until they eventually became my favorite too, and Dominic Monaghan would discover this about me, marry me, and we'd have cute little children. 

The first part came true. The latter...not so much. As far as I'm concerned, Dominic is still dating Evangeline Lily from "LOST" and they're hopelessly in love. C'est la vie. I've got my own man. Sorry, Dom. We weren't meant for each other.

Anyways, I could put TONS more things I love and favorite bands/artists, but I won't. I need to dry my hair. And get on with life. But consider me caught up.

P.S. My film classes start on Tuesday. AH!

P.P.S. My roommates are all moved out now. It's just me in this apartment, until Janica returns on Monday (and we might be gaining some new roommates as well...eek). I think I'll have my own personal dance party in celebration of having the apartment to myself! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day Eleven

a picture of something you hate
I hate squid. Their tentacles, their creepy unblinking eyes, their nasty little beaks hidden inside those tendrils, uggghhhhh! When I googled "squid" for this picture, I was quietly shrieking inside. I don't know where this fear came from, but it's there. It might be because when I go to the St.Louis Zoo, there are two rather large replicas of deep sea creatures: A large shark, and then this horrific, gigantic squid. Sharks scare me as much as they scare any decent human being, but squid...I'd much rather take my chances with the shark.

In other news (that are happy and not hate-worthy): I got into the Film Program at BYU! Got the email this morning, stared at the topic line for about 5-10 minutes, trying to interpret the words "Media Arts Program", wondering if that meant I was in or out. Yeah, I get a little neurotic when I'm presented with life-changing news. But I finally clicked on it, closed my eyes immediately and peaked at the first word: "Congratulations!" That was all I needed to see. I immediately started bawling. No joke. And I didn't even finish the rest of the email. I think it says something like "sign up for so-and-so classes and make sure that you sign this waiver so that we have permission to do so-and-so". I don't remember. Don't really think it's necessary to remember either since right now I'm SO HAPPY that I'm IN! I have a future after all! My dreams and aspirations to becoming a documentary filmmaker are THAT MUCH CLOSER.

Also, I've gotten all A's and B's in my classes, and even raised my Geology grade from a C+ to a B+! I also found out that Justyna, my former roommate and current good friend, is staying for Spring semester, so I don't have to say goodbye to her for the next few months! AH! All is good in my life (except for finding a second job...and my foot), and I'm super stoked to begin my adventures as a film student at Brigham Young University!

I'm in the mood for an amazing celebration! Who's with me?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day Number Ten

a picture of the person you do the most messed up things with
Okay, so I'm late again. And (like last time) it's because of You-Know-Who. Yes. Voldemort.

No, not Voldemort. But it seemed fitting to mention him since the picture above is me and Janica (the roommate) wearing Harry Potter gear. It was because of the other You-Know-Who. But, cut a girl some slack. I hadn't seen him for roughly 2.5 days and can you blame a girl for wanting to spend all afternoon/evening with him? And can you blame me for not getting sick of spending that much time with him?

I'm writing this post half asleep. Seriously, I can't keep my eyes open. Thank goodness I'm so good at typing without looking at the keyboard. I even know when I make mistakes and know how to correct it with my eyes closed. I'm SO good.

But back the the original reason for this post: Janica and I do some pretty messed up things. For one, we go to costume stores for fun, we make up fun nicknames for people in our ward, and we laugh at the stupidest videos. For this past year, she's been my partner in crime and I've loved every single adventure we've taken. She's gone for the week, though, but she deserves this time home. But it's weird to be here, in this room, all by my lonesome, playing Penny Can, painting my nails with her nail polish, and pretending to have conversations with her.

We're planning on having a pretty epic summer: Traveling down to St.George to see "The Little Mermaid" the musical, actually getting to know people in our newly organized ward, adventures around Provo and the area, and maybe even a weekend up in Idaho. We'll see what this summer holds for our crazy minds. But I'm excited to find out!

Goodnight, sorry for being late, and remember to change your underwear.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ninth Day

a picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

I know this isn't just one person. It's two. Three if you count my creepy blurry self. But my parents definitely qualify as persons who have gotten me through the most. They love me and want the best for me, and I know they mean well when they call me and nag me about things.

My dad has got to be one of the most spiritual men I know. And being at BYU, it's hard to beat the professors here, but (since I'm biased and all) if I had the resources, I would always fly home to have my dad bless me than to have someone like President Samuelson bless me. He's the voice of reason that I lack and I haven't seen him lose his cool for the last 10 years. Every time I see him now, I see not just my dad getting older, but I see a man who is continuing to improve himself and perfect himself and it's amazing that even a person like him has things that need perfecting. I love you, dad! (and thanks for the taxes help!)

I'm starting to realize how much I really am like my mom. I used to deny it, thinking that it was a bad thing that I was becoming my mother. But now that I see how amazing she really is, I don't see it as bad anymore, but I see it as something to strive for. Like my dad, she's continuing to improve herself and she has so many talents that she's perfecting! I definitely want to be where my mom is in thirty years. Her purse alone is amazing! She has everything you could possibly need in there, except maybe a gurney (though she might have a collapsible one...). We've never really been the type to fight, like most mother/daughter combos. I usually take her advice humbly and accept that she's more knowledgeable in life than I am and should probably listen to her.

Point is, I love my parents. I love that they are striving to be better people, even though they're saints already. Thanks, mom and dad, for being such great role models!

P.S. Being done with the semester so early is proving to be boring.

P.P.S. Still no word from the Media Arts people. I already cried today thinking about their rejection letter.

P.P.P.S. Haven't gone to a podiatrist yet. I'll probably go tomorrow. But since it's hurting right now and I'm not even using it, I'm pretty sure it's worse. I'm praying they won't throw a cast on there. That would be awful, and itchy, and smelly.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jour Huit

a picture that makes you laugh
Lemme just start out by saying that we had a LOT of sugar that night. And it was girl's camp. So we didn't care how we looked (obviously) and we had nothing better to do than to go to the bathroom, stylize our hair in some ridiculous fashions, and make some rather amusing faces into a camera. That was probably the hardest I've ever laughed in one night. Erin LaFond, the "adult" one in the group, had a bubble beard at some point, quoting the "Blood" video over and over. I remember me and Mariah did our Who-ville citizen impersonations and...well...lets just say that those were the best 3-4 hours ever. Yes. We spent 3-4 hours in a bathroom. Laughing. Being stupid. I still laugh at these pictures and ignore the fact that they're extremely accessible on Facebook and VERY incriminating.

Also, I'm pretty sure my title is incorrect/out of context. I'll find out soon enough when I take my French classes over the summer.

So, I'm sitting here, blogging. I'm done with finals, painted my nails AND toe nails, sorted through all these random papers/books, and now I'm at a loss of what to do now. I could call up Boyfriend (I'm tempted to start using this term, like Allie Brosh does in her fantastic blog, Hyperbole and a Half) and distract him from his studying. But, that would be irresponsible. And since when am I incapable of entertaining myself?! I seemed to have a BLAST in a bathroom a few years ago, as we see in the above photo. Maybe I should eat the rest of these Oreos, draw a fake mustache on me and pretend like I'm the Queen of some made up country and dance around.

For now, though, I'll continue sorting through things. And hopefully uproot my shorts that I packed away during the winter months. Where did those wonderful articles of clothing go?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 7

a picture of your most treasured item

Call me cheesy (I have been spouting some awful cheesy phrases the last few days) but my family is probably my most treasured item. More than my car, my phone, my iTunes, my laptop, my camcorder....if I lost my family I don't know where I'd be. Probably an orphanage, despite the fact that I'm old enough to fend for myself at this point. 

I almost changed this answer tonight after finding out certain facts about dinner conversations at the Lambson home. I love my family, but sometimes the things they talk about, the comments they's enough to make a girl go crazy. I'm always the first person in the family to storm out of a room when a conversation gets too heated or if the family, in general, gets too crazy. I truly do love you guys (family members, not you creepy trolls), but sometimes the thought process in what is being said isn't really put into practice. I blame it on the rapid fire of witty comments and our need to contribute before someone else steals our thunder. We, the siblings, should take after our father and think long and hard before we expel any sort of witty (read as ridiculous and corny) pun.

I guess I shouldn't be so dramatic. I wasn't about to change my answer after receiving that concerned phone call from my mom tonight. I love my family (haven't I stated that enough?!). I wouldn't have them any other way, obnoxious comments and all. They're the reason why I am the person I am today.

But would it hurt you guys to talk about something deep and meaningful during dinner?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 6

a picture of a person you would love to trade places for a day

For a day, I'd like to know what if feels like to live a dream: Being an Oscar-winning film director. Kathryn Bigelow is one of my role models in the film industry, plus she won that Oscar whilst competing with her pompous ex-husband, James Cameron. TAKE THAT, "King of the world"! 

But in reality, it took me forever to think of someone amazing enough to trade places with because, in all honesty, I wouldn't want to be someone else for a day. I'm fully content and satisfied with my life right now, challenges and all. And it's easier to just be me instead of being someone I'm not.

So, my agenda for the day is to finish my taxes, and study hard-core for my test. I was planning on taking it today to get it out of the way, but I may just end up taking it on Monday. We'll see. But, seriously, these taxes need to be DONE. And how is it already 10:45?! Gosh, where do my days go?

On another note, the process of moving out has begun. And I'm ECSTATIC that the roommates are moving out. I can have a clean apartment again! This place is a mess. I feel like I'm living in an abandoned insane asylum. I'm hoping the roommates that move in aren't as disgusting as the ones I'm living with now. Me and Janica have grandiose plans to paint the apartment and turn it around. I'll keep you updated on whether or not that'll happen.

Consider Day 6 complete!

Day 5 (late...)

A Picture of Your Favorite Memory

Yes, I'm late. It is 1:15am my time and that means it's officially Saturday. The only reason why I point this out is because (as usual) I was with Ryan most of my night and out of the blue he looks at his phone, smiles, makes me look at the time and asks "You know what that means?" and I'm sitting there for the few seconds he gives me to respond trying to come up with some meaningful response for the time it said (12:40, if you must know). But I shrugged and he said "That means it's Saturday! And you didn't post anything for yesterday!" Seriously, the things that come out of this guy's mouth. Gems like "I could see that material being made into a high heel...or maybe a boot...with a matching belt" can get me laughing for days. If it's even possible, he succeeded in out-weirding me tonight. Love it. And I'll stop mentioning him, it's probably stroking his ever-so-large ego that so many girls are blogging about him. First the Anti-Austen girl, now me.

For the record, though, he really doesn't have that large of an ego. Except when it comes to his taste in food (but that's not really an ego but a fact of life. He's taken me to some pretty fantastic places. Okay, seriously, I'll stop bragging about him.)

Anyways, since I have WAY too many favorite memories, I'll go ahead and post a picture of a favorite memory and describe why it's a favorite.
Mormon Prom 2008. Two of my besties. Three hilarious gentlemen. And this picture pretty much sums up the night. That was one of the best prom experiences I've had, and I'll even go as far as saying it was the BEST formal-dress dance I've had. The music was fantastic, the company was great, my dress was ROCKIN'...all around amazing. I'm so glad I'm still friends with Mariah and Tamara. Mariah even followed me out here to BYU (I actually should say I followed her since she was committed to going sooner than I was...). I cannot, nor will I, fathom what my life would be like without their influences and lovely faces. Love them.

Aaaand that concludes my (late) day 5 post. Day 6 will be posted in a few hours. Lemme get some sleep first.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 4 (is this getting old yet?)

A Picture of your Night

For those of you who don't know what this image's from a website called and is from the Strong Bad Email titled "Bottom 10". Best. SBEmail. EVER. Or one of them. There are around 200 of them in all, and there are some FANTASTIC ones.

I put this picture because I spent most (if not all...okay pretty much all) my night not studying for finals, no. I was with Ryan. As per usual. If we don't get to spend any portion of the day together, we're almost always with each other in the evening for some period of time. It just so happened that today we got to spend almost all of the day in each other's company. Which was great. And I managed to study (as did he) and I got a B on my test! So ha, people who think being in relationships ruins grades! My grade wasn't ruined! BOO-YAH (did I just say booyah?).

Okay, back to the reason for the picture. So, we're just chillin' on his couch and we decide to visit this now-dormant site to see if there were any toons that he was unfamiliar with (he did just come back from a 2-year mission not too long ago) and we both decided to watch this particular toon. Gah, still a favorite of mine. We did stuff other than watch toons, but I'm not going to give gory details. But that now implies we did things of questionable nature. Which is definitely NOT the case. I can assure you, most of the things we talk about/do are absolutely pointless and make no sense. I hope he doesn't mind me talking about this stuff. I don't have anything to hide as far as this relationship goes. And I love that I don't. LOVE it. It's simple, perfect, uncomplicated, silly at times, and we can watch Homestarrunner and not judge each other for laughing stupidly at it.

So, that, my family and friends (and possible creepy strangers/trolls), was my night. Just like any other typical night with the person I love laughing with.

P.S. I recommend you WATCH the toon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 3

A Picture of the Cast from your Favorite Show

This one is gonna be hard for me, primarily because I have SO many favorite shows. And this could be interpreted as a TV show, a play, musical, a show you've been in (I had a friend post her favorite show she performed in...thought that was adorable). But in this case, that's way too broad for me and I'd have many different pictures. So I'll keep it to Television and see where I go from there...

I guess the show that I would have to choose would have to be a show I could watch over and over again and it wouldn't get old...
Yes. Arrested development. I wanted to put the following shows: Dawson's Creek, Psych, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, LOST, Cougar Town, Modern Family...So many shows. Oh! And The Pretender. Now THAT'S a blast from the past.

But I'll stick to the show that always cheers me up when I'm feeling sick, down, depressed, or when I'm already feeling happy and need to feel EVEN better.

I could go on and on about this show. But I won't. Because after three days, you all are probably sick of me. Or don't even know that my blog is being updated as often as it is. 

If I don't get into the film program here at BYU, can I please major in Blogging? Is that a major yet? It should be. Even if it's just to make hopeless people like me feel better about myself. 

It's not that I'm not talented. I have plenty of talents. It's just that it's hard to compete in this atmosphere, where everyone is good at everything I think I'm good at. But I've vented about this before in a previous blog post, but this whole thing is still weighing on my mind. And NO, I don't know if I'm in or not. Won't know for a week. I'm tired of answering that question, since everyone seems to be asking it right now. And it keeps reminding me of my insecurities in my life.

Life will go on, obviously, if I don't get in. But, for now, I'd like to pretend that everything will not be okay and see how bad this worst case scenario plays out in my head. That way, when it doesn't happen (which it won't, because most of my worst case scenarios involve me going on a cruise instead of school and a giant squid coming and attacking me) I feel good about myself.

So, this has definitely altered from the original post. I think it's time to sleep.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 2

Day 2-A picture of you and the person you've been closest with the longest

I'm gonna say me and my sister, Sarah, have been pretty close for a long time. Physically and emotionally. I lived with her for 18 years! We used to get into lots of fights (also both physical and emotional) but as the years went by, we eventually stopped fighting over the TV remote or spots on the sofa and started realizing we're more similar than we thought. By the way, that's Sarah dressed as Luna Lovegood and that's me dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange at the 7th Harry Potter book midnight release.

Despite our distance nowadays (I'm in Utah, she's in Maine), we still manage to chat on a regular basis, whether it be via Skype or phone, we get to talk about random things instead of catching up on the important stuff, which we do, but it's not as fun as talking about stupid things. Almost all of my childhood memories involve her in some way. And I'm glad that we're blood related and can't really forget about each other and fall apart like a lot of friends do. We're stuck with each other for eternity. BWAHAHA! How does that make you feel, Sarah?!

Anyways, that's it. We're close. And nerdy. Yep.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The 30-day challenge: Day 1

So, those of you with Facebooks know that people have been doing this 30-day photo challenge or any kind of variations i.e. movies, music, what have you. I've wanted to do something along those lines, but instead of doing it on Facebook, I feel like doing it on my blog. That way, I post every day for the next 30 days. Do you think I can rise to the challenge? I hope so.

Day 1-A picture of yourself with 10 facts
1. I miss having short hair, but I love the variety of things I can do with my long hair.
2. If presented with a cookie, fresh pineapple and grilled asparagus and I had to choose one to eat for the rest of the week, I'd probably choose the grilled asparagus. Followed closely by pineapple.
3. More than anything in the world, I would love a sleep-number mattress.
4. This year, I've been seeking out my childhood and reliving it through toys, TV shows, and random free-writing moments about my years as a wee little kid.
5. I absolutely hate squid. Scare the crap outta me.
6. I fear change. Always have. Probably always will.
7. I want to be an accomplished dancer.
8. I will almost always cave in and eat a spicy McChicken sammich from McDonalds if it's ever presented to me.
9. I've just realized how ridiculous it is for someone to have a favorite number. What makes it their favorite? How it looks? How it sounds? A significant date, event, etc? This really isn't a fact about me, but an observation. Whatever. Deal wit' it.
10. I bruise as easily as I burn in the sun, which to those of you who don't know, is VERY EASILY.

Aaaand, I think that's it for day 1.

Sorry it's so random. I came up with them on the spot and it's late, I've been doing Geology all night and my mind feels like a geology sponge. I'm a geology zombie, but not in a good way.

Until tomorrow!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Perfect Weekend(s)

I think it's time I blog about why there is such a DRAMATIC shift in my mood for the past week, give or take a few days.

It all begins with a boy (and he'll probably read this. Hey, that's right, I'm blogging about you! But, to be fair, you started it!)

So, most of you know already about how it all came about. We met a month ago (roughly) because of FHE, hit it off as friends right off the bat, and a few weeks after that all transpired, he wrote this piece of work:

I read this last Friday night. Queue giddy jumping and stupid grins. I read this about half an hour before a good friend of mine (who could also be reading this) was due to be in town. And we had planned to hang out all night, go on a date, and all that jazz. Imagine how I felt: I wanted to be happy to see this friend (and I was), but after actually reading that the guy I liked had those same feelings...I wasn't bound to really be in the moment 100%. The date went as well as one could hope with such a conflicted mind and afterwards we went back to my apartment. At this point, the friend went to hang out with someone else and so I could properly geek out about this blog post with my roommate. The entire night, Janica and I schemed about what I could do with this massive bit of information I was sitting on.

Eventually, I settled on not doing anything. I was gonna let things play out naturally as if I had never read the blog (P.S. He had NO idea I read the blog. Hence, he felt it was safe to write about our predicament. Boy, was he wrong).

But then my friend (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY...since her blog is anonymous) had a different idea: she has a blog similar to the one I linked above where they posted about relationships in an anonymous way and so she told me to write a guest post and then she'd get the blog owners of the first blog to post a link (are you following?...). So, I did. But I told her to wait to post it since I wanted to give Ryan a fighting chance to make a bold move for my affections.

Saturday comes rolling along. We had planned to spend the day at the Holi Festival of Colors, just me and him. Little did he know, though, that a mutual friend wanted in on this (I kinda told him the whole story and he thought it was too good not to get involved somehow) and so he acted as the third wheel that would stir the waters. It ended up being a bit TOO much and didn't really do anything to stir anything except contentious feelings. So, if any of you get this idea in your head to add a third wheel for dramatic effect, DON'T. Poor choice on my part (sorry for putting you through that, Ryan!).

But we still had fun. Here's proof:
Yep. Good times.

Eventually, we leave, all colorful and him still not knowing that I knew EVERYTHING. I was pretty good at disguising my knowledge. Thank you, high school theatre and acting classes. We get cleaned up and we decide to go out and get some food. I had my first Red Robin experience that night. And, *sigh*, I guess it's good. Okay, it's more than good. It's pretty fantastic. But that's beside the point. We had a nice time, I embarrassed myself some more since I tend to be pretty much myself around him and you all know what that is: babbling, sorta annoying in an endearing way, very clumsy and blatantly honest about stupid things. I've always pretty much been this way around him, so I found it (and still find it) bizarre that even after being as ridiculous as I am, he's STILL attracted to me.

Anyways, we get done eating (I'm pretty much bursting at the seams) and he drives me back to my apartment. I invite him in, hoping that MAYBE he'll get the nerve to make a move. We talk for a couple of hours about nonsense, which is typical, and we get really close. solid move was made. So when he leaves, I text the friend and tell her to post the blog. He had all day to do something definitive, and now, drastic measures were to be taken. Patience is not my strong point. Here is my blog post:

Sunday comes. We sit next to each other and it's all pretty normal. Up until the Break-The-Fast we had. From the end of meetings up until that time, the Anti-Austen girls had posted the link on their blog. So it was only a matter of time before Ryan would discover it. So I go to the ward get-together thinking there would be one of two reactions: he'd either be absolutely shy and embarrassed (meaning he had read the blog) or he'd be completely normal, still ignorant to everything.

Well, he seemed normal enough. So I assumed he hadn't read it. We ate, we chatted, talked to other people, and then I asked if he wanted to go walk around this trail near my apartment. He agreed and we started walking. I hoped that he would take my hand before I brought up the blog, but no such luck. So we stopped at a bridge and I just say "So...I have a confession. I read the Anti-Austen blog..." And I just smiled at him, waiting for his face to do something drastic. But it doesn't. He just says:
"I have a confession too. I read your response!"

HA! So we both knew and just didn't address the elephant in the room (on the trail?) for an hour or so, but now that the words were spoken, the rest is history. So, we've been what people deem "official" for a week now and it's been pretty fantastic. Sure, both of us had a crazy week, what with the parents coming into town and all the homework assignments he had. But it was a great week, nonetheless, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

And that's that. I'm not gonna give details or anything too personal since it's personal. But I will say this one's a keeper. I'd be daft if I chased him away. If my CA-RAY-ZEE personality hasn't already chased him away, then I don't know what I could do to make him run in the other direction screaming. He claims he likes my craziness, but sometimes I wonder about his sanity: it takes a crazy person to like a crazy person, right? But I wouldn't want it any other way. If he was boring...what then? We couldn't talk about replacing our normal limbs with crazy awesome bionic ones with weapons capabilities, or speculate the best exit route if a zombie apocalypse happened right NOW, or laugh about how the word "batholith" sounds "basilisk" with a lisp.

Yep. I'm content. Life is pretty much good. Except for my stress fracture. Which is throbbing, since I just came from my dance class (I'm still required to dance. Blerg.).

I know the title indicates I would talk about multiple weekends, but since this post is long enough and wordy, I'll have to do this in two parts. Or just give a quick shout-out to this weekend: conference with my parents, then his.



I'll stop being wordy. And end this blog post.......NOW.