Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Blog

Tonight, I did something to make me feel better in spite of all the awfulness I'm feeling: I created something.

A very delicious something!

I was out and about shopping tonight whilst on the phone with Sarah and I decided that while I was out getting stuff at the W-word (AKA Wal-mart. Me and my roommate call it the W-word because it's almost a swear word to us) that I wanted to make these cookies I stumbled upon on my favorite recipe website, Picky Palate. They're called...


Every single word in that name is amazing. Candy: good. Chocolate: good. Chips: gooood. Cookie: G double-o D good. Sandwiches: GOOD. Heck, even bars are good if you think about gold bars. Or the bar exam...?

Anyways, yeah. All I had to do was look at the pictures on the website and I was sold. I made Sarah look up the recipe for me while I was on the open road (Sorry Oprah and your No-Phone Zone. I broke the rule). And she was even drooling at the sight of them. But how can you not?

My pictures aren't nearly as delectable as her pictures, but she's got a Canon Rebel and I don't (oh, but I want one SO bad!).

So I was at the W-word and got some chocolate chunks, candy (Reeses and Twix), and some more sugar since I was out. And then I went to work.

I only made half a batch at the suggestion of Sarah since I'm really only making these for myself *cough cough* Hopefully. The roommates like to mooch, but if I hide them, I think I'll be okay.

Also, I should've paid more attention to the directions. They said to mix the dry materials with the wet SLOWLY. I dumped it in and I'm pretty sure my flour measuring was inaccurate because what I got was a weird powdery mix that tasted remotely of cookie dough. But quick-thinking me added about 1/4 cup of water (maybe a little was REALLY dry) and all was well. All that needed to be done was the forming the dough around these delicious little morsels.

The first Twix bar cookie I made was the entire Twix bar. That's not too big normally since it was the "fun size" but in terms of cookies, that's LARGE. Then I decided to cut them in half and that worked better.

Anyways, enough talk, here are my pictures of my cookies.

 Here is the dough/candy/plate for forming the dough around candy. YUM.

There they are baking in the oven. They're rather large, are they not?

On the cookie sheet after baking to perfection. I made sure I didn't let ANY of these cookies burn (my oven is kinda volatile. I have a huge burn on my hand from some cookies I made a week ago as proof)

 See the strange-shaped cookie in the center? That was the whole Twix bar one. Vicki, a roommate, decided to cut it in half instead of eating the whole thing. 

 Here I am with my creations. Half a batch makes a LOT! And they're all mine. Muahahaha!

So there you are. I'm not knee-deep in my depression like I was before, and I have cookies to eat if I feel like hitting rock bottom any time soon.

I think it's time to watch a favorite movie. Or Dawson's Creek. Or maybe some Scrubs since that's in Instant Netflix now.

I hope the change in post-topic makes all of you happy. I know it makes me happy since it means I'm not venting to an invisible audience about my stupid, petty, 1st-world issues.

I'm actually looking forward to my weekend: going up to Bountiful to visit my ailing grandmother and also see my Aunt and Uncle who will also be keeping my grandma company as they do every Saturday. Then I'll rush down from there to play in my first ever Intramural Soccer match (I had to buy shin guards and socks for it and that's why I was shopping in the first place). I've never played soccer on a team before like this, so this should be...interesting. Yeeaah. The evening will probably be free of things, but the new roommate, Carlie, wants to see "Tron" and is probably gonna drag me along.

I'm gonna try and shoot my short film on Sunday and Monday with Justyna and her roommates. Lets see how that goes.

Anyways, keeping busy will be tiring but maybe it'll keep me from thinking about how awful my schooling situation is looking long enough for me to convince myself that I don't need school and I can just drop out, move to Maine and live with Sarah (we're both trying not to get our hopes up since that would be FANTASTIC).

I'll stop rambling.


Sarah Lambson said...


You can decide what you think that applies to.


Julina said...

'kay, you just might be evil w/ that cookie recipe (typing one-handed w/ the cat on my other arm... just to make you jealous of my SOOT - and to excuse typos :)

Ojibirish10 said...

I forgot all about Dawsons Creek.....I'll definitely have to re-visit that soon! Thanks :)

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

when are you going to blog about the best weekend ever???