Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"I want"

My sister Emily made a similar list and now I'm inspired to write an "I Want" list. So here goes:

a tripod for my camcorder.
a frequent diner discount at Sonic and Jimmy Johns.
Great Harvest bread to be a little cheaper so I can justify buying it all the time.
a B on my next Political Science test.
peace of mind.
to know that I'll get into my major or if I don't, I'll still have a future.
to be able to run 2 miles in under 16 minutes.
to be in an orchestra. Or a band.
to have more hours in the day to do what pleases me as well as what needs to be done.
speak fluently in any language.
have the courage to ask out that guy.
go back in time and be able to film my entire existence so I have the memories on camera.
A vacation to somewhere new. Doesn't matter where.
To spend hours in the canyons during this fall season.
attend my classes but not have to do homework.
take as many dance classes as I can.
become proficient in Irish dance. Or Bollywood.
watch all the films in the world.
or maybe just all the documentaries.
own every single Hans Zimmer soundtrack.
go to a rock concert once a week.
not have TONS of money, but like the manna in the Old Testament, have it be replenishing to my needs.
become best friends with certain people.
own all the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson's Creek (yes, Dawson's Creek. Don't hate)
be best friends with Allie Brosh, the creator of Hyperbole and a Half.
a mac computer of some sort, whether it be desktop or laptop.
Final Cut Pro software.
to meet JK Rowling and Stephen King.
see into the future 5 years and see where I am in my life i.e. if I'm married or if I'm somewhere else. That way, I'll know what to start focusing on and what to make my priority.

I think I'll stop there. I could keep going.

What's your list?

Here's a random picture. Just for fun.

This is me and Janica, the new roommate, at the Phoenix concert. If you don't know who Phoenix is, get acquainted! They're AMAZING. And French.

P.S. I freaking love Irish dancing.

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Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Hey, nice to see what your roommate looks like! How about a photo of all your roomies? And your room? And your apartment? And around your apartment building?