Sunday, September 19, 2010


I finally have the ability to put pictures onto my computer! YEAH! So here...are my botched bangs.

If you look closely, the side is IMMENSELY shorter than the rest of them. So...I stopped. And I left it like that for a day.

Then I got impatient, took the same janky scissors and cut the rest of them a little longer than the chunk I started off with. So here is THAT result.
They didn't look too bad that day...I think this was 24 hours after the initial choppage. But It was still ridiculously short and I was so angry that I had done such a thing.

So yeah. Those are the bangs. They've grown out since then. Actually, they don't look half bad. I just have to over-grow them so that when I trim them again the short chunk can be at a normal length...

And one of me and my roommate at the Utah State Fair with a frozen banana. Those who get the reference of the frozen banana (which is most of you, family of mine) should call me and we can talk Arrested Development for hours on end.


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Isn't that Justyna?

kapil said...

your words and thoughts are very nice.