Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sleep? At night? Who DOES that?


Not literally, I'm not an undercover detective. Or a kitchen appliance.

But I am super hyper. Well, not super hyper like I'm bouncing off the walls or anything. No. Its more like a dull and quiet hyperactivity in which I have a strange urge to do really spontaneous and possibly dangerous things like infiltrate the den of a mother bear or built a fort in a tree at this time of night. And what's worse, I now have a camcorder to record all of my stupid endeavors.

I currently have stored inside my camcorders amazing 80GB hard-drive THREE videos in which you see me acting stupid. The first I think is just me making faces and doing my velociraptor impression (or it could be an impression of the aliens from "Signs" since they wail from time to time when they're not doing their freaky clicky noises). The second is when I decide to act on my absurd impulses to go exploring at 11 pm (not even 20 minutes ago, might I add) and then hunt for Alfred the cat, who turned out to be easy to hunt since he was sleeping on the couch. And then the last video is me being stupid again and making more faces and laughing at how stupid I am late at night.

I think I also say a few times that I'm not under the influence of any substance. And to solidify that argument, I state that I go to BYU. That's convincing, right? And that may or may not have been sarcastic.

But I will write, for the record, that I am completely clean of anything except maybe a few anti-histamines and no-bake cookies. Seriously. I'm too poor to purchase anything that would have such an amusing effect on me. And also, I have no desire to ingest/sniff/shoot up (NEVER!!!!) anything that would make me do worse things than what I do without those. Seriously, I don't need help. I'm crazy as it is. These videos are proof.

And you're probably wanting to see these videos, huh? You're all CURIOUS as to what exactly I do at night...well, you can't see them! HA! Mainly because the shame that I'm as stupid as I am right now is too much to bear and secondly it takes a gajillion years (give or take a few million) to upload videos onto blogger. So blame blogger of the entertainment you *almost* had.

My intentions, though, never were leaning in that direction. I'm pretty sure I'm going to delete the videos once I review them in the morning. My impulsive attitude right now is telling me to cut and edit them and create a rather bizarre video that I would send to potential employers. Why employers? I don't know. My rational side is telling me that's the stupidest idea ever since they would definitely NOT hire you. But my ridiculous side is telling me that it would be hilarious to see their reaction, assuming I would be in the presence of said employer(s) as they watch the video.

There really isn't a point to this. As I always threaten, I may delete this post. I'm so bored though that I'm continuing to type.


No. It was the house settling. Or dad snoring. Dang.

Actually, nevermind. Dad is up. Must have low blood sugar. Should I scare him as he exits his room? Sounds like fun...but I don't want to induce a heart attack. I would feel awful.

I was going to blog about work (because that's SOOOOO interesting) but I'm too hyper to concentrate on work. Nor do I care enough this late at night. Tomorrow at 10:13am I'll probably care. But not at 11:16pm.

Okay, I'm stopping here. Primarily because I just realized that I lack the fame that Allie Brosh has and her amazing blog, Hyperbole and a Half (This blog contains swearing. You have been warned). And so I can't get away with this kind of blogging and have it be deemed hilarious. All five of you dedicated readers (Hi family!) are probably annoyed that you wasted your time reading this. Be annoyed! You have to love me anyways, since I'm sealed to you for time and all eternity, you ungrateful family of mine.

Seriously, I need to stop now. I'm trying to pick fights with family members I can't even physically see. But I know you're there...oh yes, I can feel you judging me.

/End Hyper Rant

P.S. It WAS thunder! And dad got up to give Trissey tranquilizers to calm her down. Think they're human-safe?


Peeser said...

Yeah, is it scary that this post made a little bit of sense? That's probably because I'm reading at 12:30 a.m. Or because we're related. You take your pick. Still, sometimes it's fun reading the random, late-night ramblings of others. And sometimes not. I'm too tired to decide which this was... I need to go to bed, too. I suppose if you delete this post, this rambling comment will go with it, right?

Are you afraid of thunder? Just wondering.

Kirsti said...


No, I'm not afraid. I just wonder if it'll calm my mind from this hyperactive state...

Sarah Lambson said...

That face you put after thunder looks like a frog. That was supposed to be a face, right?

I like frogs.

Remember that time we went to the pumpkin festival and ended up frustrated at each other?

I want to go to the pumpkin festival again but you won't be here to go with. I'll have to find someone else.

Also remember that time we wasted money going to FearFest because it lasted all of 20 minutes? The Steak N Shake trip was more worth our time (was that before or after?)

I want to go to Fear Fest again and REALLY experience it. I am also excited for fall and carving a pumpkin while watching Hocus Pocus on Halloween. I doubt there will be a homestarrunner Halloween toon but wouldn't it be great if there was?

I'm just really bored right now pretending to work and that is the story behind this long list of thoughts. Sorry.


Hehe..."blywhat" is what I have to type to be able to post this comment. I want that to be my new phrase. Like "Say what?" But instead "Bly What?" Hehe.

Goodbye for real.