Friday, August 13, 2010

My laptop is sick

Yesterday, at around 1:52 in the afternoon, I was surfing the web via StumbleUpon on my lovely year-old laptop. Then, Google Chrome, my browser of choice, decided that it couldn't go on any further with the stumbling (or so I thought at first) and died. This frequently happens with Chrome nowadays so I just assumed that it was one of those PMS moments for the browser and tried opening Chrome again.

No go. It died the minute I opened it.

It was then that I noticed a little window pop-up that looked rather alarming, like it had something of importance typed upon it's pixel'd surface. So I read it. It told me that "chrome.exe" was infected and if I wanted to download an anti-virus software NOW! (The "NOW" wasn't in caps on the initial pop-up. That's just how I read the word in general). Intrigued by what this pop-up had to offer, I clicked "Yes" and it took me to Internet Explorer (my least favorite of all the Browsers) and to a website selling software.

I didn't want to waste my precious money on software when I had more than enough anti-virus stuff already, so I closed out of it and decided that Chrome was being all moody and I was going to try Safari. I tried opening Safari and it was killed immediately by the insistent pop-up. Annoyed at this point, I tried opening my Symantec anti-virus system to see if I really did have an infected computer. But that was killed. I tried opening another thing (at this point, I was just clicking programs and whatnot so I don't remember exactly what I opened)...

And it was killed too!

Don't you just love how italics make things so dramatic? I said it dramatically in my head, so I guess it fits.

So, with all these programs being killed off and this supposed "Anti-Virus" program trying to get me to buy it's stuff, I deducted that I had a virus. But I couldn't get online to prove that I was right. So, yesterday, after accepting defeat that I wouldn't be able to get online or do ANYTHING, shut my computer at 4:03 pm and got onto my parents' more high-tech computer to do research.

Sure enough, there was a "Security Suite" malware that gets into your system and shuts off all other anti-virus programs so that it can't be deleted and gets into your other programs and shuts them down, claiming under false pretenses that it is "infected" with a virus. And there are ways of getting rid of this malware, and I've yet to try them out.

Long story short, it's awful. I hate that I can't do anything on my laptop and that I have to dig deep to find the motivation to actually get rid of this stupid thing. *sigh* Better do it quick, I leave in a week as of today.

On a different note, I LOVE StumbleUpon. And yesterday, now having all this free-time since I wasn't surfing the web, I made these delicious cookies I found using SU. They're called Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies and they're found at this delightfully delicious-looking website:

 Look how GOOD those look! These cookies were some of the best-tasting cookies I've ever had, not to mention the cookie dough was so creamy and good...YUM! I used French Vanilla ice cream and it was very successful. I kinda wanna try it with something like Butter Pecan, just to see how it turns out. Maybe next time.

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C/Gross said...

go to the task manager and see if there's any anomalous processes going. if you spot any, take note and find out where the file is located. restart your computer and tap f8 f8 f8 f8 f8 until you get to a menu that has the option "start in safe mode"
get into safe mode and delete the file/run antivirus.

you have malware.