Saturday, July 24, 2010

Take 3!

This is the third time this week after my initial "Tired" post that I've tried blogging. First try was that night. It failed because it lacked direction. Second try was last night. I lacked focus because there was too much on the TV. Sad huh? Also I was a bit too hyper for the first bit and then I crashed HARD for the second, so it was random and then surprisingly melancholy with a bit of cynicism.

So here I go again.

I've been reminiscing about my childhood a lot lately and how simple it used to be. Also, how strange my particular childhood was. Though maybe not too strange. Let me enlighten all of you on a few of my childhood memories. I'll try and make them short.

1. I remember in Elementary school, particularly 2nd grade, that having a sprained ankle was the new fashion. It all started with my best friend, Laura. She broke her foot somehow and had to have a cast and crutches. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?>!!1 At least, that's what I thought. And every other girl in my 2nd grade class. Then we all started getting injured during recess. Or should I say "injured". The other Laura, my other best friend, got a sprained ankle after jumping off our jungle gym, which stood at a staggering 5 feet but still managed to do the deed. She was rushed to the nurses' office by the teacher on duty and was taken home. She came to school the next day with an ACE bandage wrapped around her foot, and she was so proud. Then it snowballed. All the other girls started wearing ACE bandages and taking turns on Laura #1's crutches and saying that they needed them too. I was the last in line. But I eventually took an ACE bandage from my parents closet and wrapped it around my ankle. Since I was the last, everyone paid the most attention to me. So I got all the limelight. Serves Laura #2 for jumping on the bandwagon too soon. Her glory days were over.

Anyways, eventually it all faded when Laura #1's cast was removed. Then our next obsession was tether ball and punching that thing as hard as you could. Then it was getting poison ivy. Funny how things come and go at that age.

2. I distinctly remember when I was maybe pre-school age getting a HUGE rock thrown at my head by my neighbor friend, who was about my age. I asked my mom just the other day if this really happened. Turns out it did. I wonder if that has anything to do with my issues today...

3. I seem to be focusing on injuries. Because this next one is when my sister, Sarah, broke her arm riding on roller blades. I remember her hitting a rock and flying through the air and crying out like someone cut off her limb. I also remember her having to take the bottom bunk so that she could sling her arm above her while she slept. That meant that I was on the top bunk and very vulnerable. I fell off it at one point and also had the perfect view of her creepy doll that would stare at me at night. It had brown pigtails and her eyes were like two black holes boring into my soul. I had a nightmare of it coming alive one night on that top bunk and I also dreamed that it climbed the ladder and tried to hurt me. Yeah. This time was a dark moment in my past. Thanks a lot, Sarah! NOT!

4. Going along with dolls, I remember my porcelain doll collection. I'd get one every Christmas and birthday celebration for a few years in my childhood. Eventually, I had accumulated about 7 of them. They were all very beautiful and I favored this one that was dressed all Victorian styled and had a lovely brown bun placed delicately high on her head. She also had a hat that was removable and her dress was so intricate and gorgeous. But at the same time I have no idea why I got these dolls. There were many moments where I would watch them, waiting for them to change their expressions. I knew they were alive like in "Toy Story" and I was just WAITING for them to move so that I could be like "AHA! You are alive! I knew it! Now, I'm a nice person, so please don't hurt me like I know you're capable of..." Because I knew that they would hurt me if I didn't explain it to them.

I think I convinced myself that this one particularly terrifying doll DID change expression. It went from all happy-faced to sad-faced. And that scared me. I would stare at them at night, keeping my guard up. Obviously, they never killed me but they're now located in my attic and are probably pissed about that and are plotting their revenge on me. I need to get out of Missouri...NOW.

5. Lets try for a good memory, shall we? Lets see...I remember the woods across from my parents' house (which I am currently residing in). Me and my friends would go into those woods and create forts in the trees and pick fights with the kids that we didn't let into our gang. Or we'd just sit and pretend like we were living there and had to survive from the resources around me. I was a child Bear Grylls, ya'll! I knew the right berries to eat (though I never ate them...just in case), and I knew the right places to pee and to throw rocks at squirrels. I was a smart kid.

We also infiltrated many different Disc Golf games, since the woods are actually a Disc Golf course. Many drunk guys got pissed at us, but because of their current state they could run after us in a straight line. Thank goodness for sporadically-planted trees and bushes. (We never were really at a risk with the disc golfers. Though we definitely pretended we were.)

I have a lot more, but I'll stop there. Instead, look at my rockin' bangs! I got them to go all the way across. And yes, Emily, I am obsessed with my hair. Better than being obsessed with my feet or forearms, otherwise you'd be seeing a lot of pictures of those. Ew.


Emily S. said...

yes, those ARE successful bangs! :)

and I LOVED LOVED LOVED reading your random childhood memory ramblings. More, please. :)

Sarah Lambson said...


Sorry about inconveniently breaking my arm and all...that must have been really horrible for you, having to suffer through my discomfort.

Did you ever actually pee in those woods? I know what's his face did. I can't remember if you did.