Sunday, July 11, 2010

So I think I'm just gonna post these things whenever I want

My plans at having a set "day" for talking about my vanity/hair have tanked completely. I guess I just don't work well under a schedule. But I'm gonna take you through my bangs process AKA what it takes to make my bangs immaculate (this is one of my favorite words to use right now, just so you know).

First, I wash my hair.
Mmmm, cute huh? Would you still affiliate yourself with me if I went out in public like that? Anyways, I make sure that my hair isn't too dry when I start this process. That way I have a say in how I can mold it BEFORE I  pull out the heavy duty tools i.e. my curling iron.

The next stage is to blow dry my hair. I completely dry my bangs but only dry about 60% of the rest of my hair since I'm too lazy to be thorough. My hair is thick, and doing a complete drying would take about 15 minutes. Yeah. Not happening.
I guess I was excited about something. But that's what I look like after I blow dry my bangs. Good times.

Next step includes layering. I have to curl the bottom layer first and then the top. Yes, my bangs are that thick. And they wouldn't look good if I didn't do such a detail.
There it is. Pretty self-explanatory, right? They're shaping up quite well! Even the left side has decided to cooperate! For this particular layer, if I remember correctly, it took a couple of rounds with the curling iron to get it that way.

Next step is the top layer and the finishing touches to make it look the best.
Hm. I think they need a trim. But that's how it's done. That's the length I go to to make my bangs look good. But as I've said in the past, sometimes I pin them back if it seems like it's hopeless.

Anyways, I'll give you a work update: I haven't seen much of Creepy Co-worker since my rather upsetting encounter. I either run away in the opposite direction (quite literally) or I give a very brief salutation and continue on my way.

This post was picture heavy but not very text heavy. So I'll leave it at that. I'm also distracted since I'm watching "Aladdin" with my parents. Oh, Aladdin. Is it just me or is he up there in the list of most attractive "princes" in Disney? It could just be me...End ramblings.


Peeser said...

No, it's not just you- Aladdin is definitely up there! However, I would still put Philip above him, as well as Prince Naveen, and possibly Eric... But I think Aladdin would make my top 5.

Sarah Lambson said...

Calling Aladdin a prince (even in quotations) is like calling Belle a princess. They may end up that way eventually by association but Belle was just the inventors daughter and Aladdin a lowly street rat. And he didn't even reach prince status until the end of Aladdin and the King of Thieves!

Sorry, I just have this issue with Disney "Royalty" especially since some things include Alice from Alice in Wonderland as a "princess"! She, at best, comes from a wealthy family.

Okay, done ranting. I think this is all irrelevant since you DID put "prince" in quotations. I just had to make my opinion known.

Emily S. said...

Far too obsessed with your hair. LAWLS. But it'll make you and your kids laugh one day to go back and review these posts.

Love you! Thanks for being so cute with Noah this past weekend! :)