Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rinse. And repeat.

For some reason, I've had this strange desire to blog today I say strange because I have this thing where I think that if I blog more than once a week, then I'm an over-achiever and people are going to stop reading my blog because I update it too much.  Or they get excited about the amount of updates and crave my posts. Then I go through those times where I don't update for months at a time and my ravenous audience AKA my family is expecting something and they think I'm teasing them with my ample posts at one point in time and then radio silence for twice that time. That's when I get angry calls/texts from all of you family members telling me to update my blog, even if it's something lame like "hey. I ate bread today." And then I don't because I don't like listening to people and I have to have true inspiration to write in a blog.

This is also something that happens in my journal, except no audience. Just my own guilt and conscience when I see the date of the last entry or if I have this desire to write in it more than once a day. But I still do it. Because I am my own person and I can do that! So deal with it.

Today's post will be all about what I do Monday through Friday in the mornings besides watching ESPN and eating left-overs for breakfast. I work from 9-noon at MU's Student Recreation Center. Here is my regular schedule:

6:30 am-Alarm goes off. Hit snooze. Repeat however many times necessary.
7:30 am-Get up. Complain about not having any time to get ready. Feel guilty.
7:35 am- Bottle of water in hand and maybe a muffin and some leftovers, watch ESPN (recently, FIFA world cup) or "Saved by the Bell" reruns.
8:00 am- Keep ESPN on and return to room. Look in mirror. Contemplate the level of submission bangs will be at this morning.
8:05 am-Get on internet. Check email/Facebook/Twitter
8:10 am-Decide to take a shower. Tell self that it needs to be fast. Go in shower.
8:25 am-Get out of shower. Look at time. Curse inwardly. Get changed.
8:30 am-Try and get bangs into submission. There is a 1 in 3 chance they will on the first try.
8:35 am-Do make-up. Brush teeth.
8:38 am-Get stuff collected. Run out the door.
8:40 am-FINALLY leave for work.
8:54 am-Try and get through construction on campus and through the parking garage behind slow drivers.
8:58 am-Park car on the 5th floor of the parking garage because stupid summer orientation is going on as is swimming lessons and so finding a closer spot at that early in the morning is IMPOSSIBLE. Grumble.

9:01 am-Walk through the check-in and explain to worker that I work here and that I don't need money/ID.
9:03 am-Get to break room. Ditch bag. Pick up walkie and keys. Look at white board of instructions from Manager,  John Paul. Ignore them initially and start out the day with cleaning glass and avoiding creepy co-worker AKA CC.
9:05 am-Walk by towel and basketball check-out and see if Counter Guy AKA CG is working. I think his real name is Dustin, but it could be Justin. Or Tom. He looks like a Tom. Let's just call him CG.
9:06 am-Start cleaning windows in the Aquatic Mezzanine. This is where I get most of my deepest thinking done, like "Should I clean the racquetball glass or restock bathrooms next?" or "Why didn't my parents ever enroll me in swim lessons officially?"
9:20 am-Move on into the East entrance to clean glass. Clean the doors. Have awkward small talk with parents laughing about how tedious my job is. I agree hesitantly, not wanting them to fully have the satisfaction that their lives are much better despite the fact that their child is hyperactive and actively trying to chew a hole through their bathing suit.
9:35 am-Start cleaning the Jungle Room glass. Try to not make eye-contact with people inside so it doesn't seem like I'm watching them. Look only at the spots on the glass. Or higher than eye-level. Wave awkwardly at old men and pretend you can't hear what they're saying.
9:50 am-Venture inside the Jungle Room to clean back windows? Usually I just go downstairs and spot clean the Grotto area, except when there are TONS of little kids inside. I don't want to seem like the creepy cleaner lady who stares at little kids.
10:00 am-Move on to other cleaning, which is usually the tedious task of polishing the black railings around the indoor track. I get my best people-watching done during this, though. So despite all tediousness, I can watch people play basketball, volleyball, jump on the diving trampoline and, of course, watch people run. Make more awkward small-talk with old guys and old women. Why is it always the old people?!
10:45 am-Get up, walk around and get circulation going in legs. Clean water fountains. Find out that Creepy Co-Worker (CC) is behind you somehow and endure a 3 minute conversation with him.
11:00 am-Do more dull cleaning tasks or finally get around to doing what Manager wants you to do. Smile at Counter Guy a few times whilst passing by his counter (if he's there, of course). Or feign a coy attitude and look everywhere but there. I love our distant relationship. Audible connections are so overrated.
11:40 am-Restock bathrooms. Flush toilets that haven't been flushed for whatever reason (THEY'RE AUTOMATIC! I don't understand!!)
11:50 am-Have final conversation with CC. Put walkie back in the dock. Go to the Grotto to clean glass since kids have ended their lesson by now.
12:00 pm-Get bag. Exchange last look with CG. Go upstairs. Leave through the East entrance. Wave goodbye to workers and say "bye" to buzz cut guy. I should probably start reading name tags. Hm.
12:01 pm-Notice that the doors are all hand-printy again. Get pissed, but not enough to go down, get cleaning supplies, and clean it. Save it for tomorrow.
12:05 pm-After walking up 4 flights of stairs, get to car, all sweaty and such, get inside, start it, and remember why stick shift is such an inconvenience.
12:16 pm-Get home. Eat. Sleep. Do all that stuff and whatnot.

I would go through my nightly routine but since that's so sporadic, I don't think making a schedule would work out. Too many factors. But I most definitely always take a 2 hour nap, intending it to be 1 hour. And then waste a lot of time doing absolutely nothing. All of a sudden, it's evening and then I realize that tomorrow will be the exact same thing. And I cry a little. Suck it up. Watch Buffy or Angel or a random Instant Netflix movie that piqued my interest and then dance around my room to Lady Gaga while Sadie watches me. Yell at the finches who are SO LOUD, especially at night.

I don't know where I'm going with this. But this is an introduction to something that will be frequently blogged about. Also, I've decided, as of yesterday, that every Friday (which means tomorrow) that I will blog one picture a day of my bangs. And analyze their behavior. Because I can. But I have this paranoia about blogging tomorrow because that means I blogged 3 TIMES THIS WEEK. NO! That can't happen! I need to get over my random fear of things.

P.S. WIMBLEDON IN 3 DAYS! YEEEEEE! I have an excuse to watch tennis all day and watch the film "Wimbledon" all night. Oh, Paul Bettany...

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Sarah Lambson said...

Heh. This post made me laugh SEVERAL times. Kind of like when I read cake wrecks! Also, thank you for dealing with my pets.

Hang in there!

I wish I was going to get to see you in August so that we could REALLY hang out.