Monday, June 7, 2010


So, this new layout is really adorable...but I'm frustrated that I can't get to my blogspot dashboard from this page. Sigh. This layout is turning into high heel shoes: definitely not used/worn for the convenience of things. But like my wearing of high heels, I'm willing to sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty. Yes, I'm a vain creature. So is my blog.

This is gonna be boring. Mainly I'm killing time while my pictures from the road trip I'm currently in the middle of is downloading on good ol' Facebook. There was probably a million grammatical errors in that last sentence. But I'm so sleep-deprived from the traveling and whatnot that I really don't care. Nor will I ever, unless I read over my blog post again, which I rarely do. Some of you will notice two things that have changed about this blog: one, I deleted the post I said I wasn't going to delete. I reread it and it was painful. So I got rid of it. But I have a hardcopy of it somewhere...I forgot where I put it. Microsoft word? Probably. And secondly, the devoted coverage of Roland Garros/French Open that usually riddles my blog at this time of year is absent. For one, by the time I was invested enough to post something, all my favorites (namely Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt, Andy Murray...) were all ousted. And then I was going to write a post about how much I wanted Novak Djokovic to win (he's another favorite) and then he was eliminated. And then I was gonna write again about how Roger Federer almost always wins anyways and writing a post about others winning is pointless when HE was eliminated! By Robin Soderling of all people! YEESH! And then I was gonna half-heartedly support Soderling in his endeavor for his first grand slam title when stupid Rafael Nadal won. Ugh. Stupid Spaniard. With his nasty long hair and tacky cut-off capris. Yuck.
Look at him! Forget how bulging his biceps are (which, by the way, do NOTHING in support of his serve. You'd think he could get a ball to zoom faster than 120 mph with those arms. But, alas, they look more powerful than they are), he is NASTY. Ew. Ugh. Nadal. Stupid.

So, I just nutshelled the French Open Mens Singles. I'm not even going to mention the Womens Singles (except I just did). Two old women made it to the finals. One of them won for the first time ever. Big whoop. Venus Williams sported a SCANDALOUS outfit:
That brownish-skin-tone thing is an undergarment. I don't support the posting of innappropriate images, though this is pushing it. Anyways, what was she thinking?! No wonder she lost singles. She and her sister won doubles, though, but she was wearing something different. Good. Burn this tennis outfit. NOW.

So. Tennis. I can't WAIT until Wimbledon (2 WEEKS!) and will post more then. The French Open is always a crapshoot since clay is so much harder to play on and so the good players on grass and hard surface are always inconsistent. Except Nadal, who unfortunately, is the king of clay.

I was gonna post something else. But I forgot. Huh. Well, the trip is going well. My bangs are not behaving currently. They're extra buoyant today. Annoying. I walk around and they move like I'm in a tornado. BLEH. Hair. Maybe I'll shave my head.

My pictures are still not done uploading. This is taking forever. I take a TON on pictures. Oh well. I hope this post wasn't a complete waste of time. It kinda was on my part. Have a good life.

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