Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bangin'...TUESDAY? and misc.

Sorry for the lack of a post on Friday. I was out of town enjoying being away from my computer and having a life for once. Not that I don't have a life...it's just very much the same thing over and over again (as seen in a previous post). This will not be as I've planned. And I decided to revise my plan. Instead of a picture for EVERY day, I will post the most eventful thing about my bangs or maybe a particularly great day with my bangs. Like a "best of" sort of thing since most of you see me daily anyways or see me enough that seeing my face on a blog post is too much of me. Get it? Also, I had an allergic reaction that greatly changed how my face looked and so there would've been half the amount of pictures anyways. That story is to come.

This was last Tuesday AKA the day I almost died. This is ACTUALLY how my hair decided to be. No exaggeration, no photoshopping skills. Perfectly normal on the right side of my head, but SKEEWONKY on the left side. Thankfully, that's the smaller portion. And I didn't force the bangs to separate at my natural part. I think that crazy left side just hates being associated with the right and so they branched off. Like my personality, my bangs have a non-conformist sect that don't just skew a little bit: they REALLY take nono-conformity seriously. I mean, really?! That's just not natural! Its at a 45 degree angle, for cripes sake!

I ended up pinning that part back and am now prone to doing that on a daily basis because that section of hair does not like to listen/feel the heat of the curling iron. What I need is a flat iron for that chunk. Maybe I'll invest in one, maybe I won't. Eh, who cares anyways?

So, now I'm on a rant. About absolutely nothing. Except that my life is the same old same old. No, wait. There is a change: so you remember CG (counter guy) from my work? Well, I think he's been promoted...or he quit or something. I don't see him as often as before. But, I think I mentioned a guy with a buzz cut, and now he's the eye-candy of the day. It's not so much a buzz cut(which sounds hideous) as the Wentworth Miller hair-do:
He looks like that...except less terrifying and more "hey, I'm friendly and totally approachable. Don't be scared of me like you're scared of that Wentworth Miller picture." I think the guys name is Charlie. Or maybe Darius. I can never sneak a look at his name-tag. I don't wear my glasses (except when I had major case of swollen face last week) usually and so I have to squint to see small print. I've tried twice to read his nametag and both times I'm pretty sure I look like I want to kill him or something. But he still smiles and asks how I'm doing. Maybe he's asking to make sure that my response isn't something like "Oh, nothing, just plotting your painful death" since that's most definitely how I look.

Long story short, he's really nice. And we've talked more than I talked to CG. And CC (creepy co-worker) is still as creepy as ever. Except maybe more so since I've been told by him and my manager that he doesn't want me to leave at the end of the summer. And I just watched "The Lovely Bones" so now I think he's a serial killer and wants to build an underground room just so he can murder me there. What's with me and MURDER?! GAH!

 Andy Roddick and Lleyton Hewitt are of Wimbledon. Argh. Andy Murray is still in as is Novak Djokovic and Federer. Of course, Djokovic is still in at the expense of Hewitt. I guess I can't have everything. But I was so hoping for an Andy final (Murray vs. Roddick). Oh well. I'm still hoping for Murray vs. Federer. Murray to take the title and win one for England.

That is all.

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Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

the Wentworth Miller guy looks like a kid I taught at CIS - only with less facial hair. WOnder if this guy plays violin?